Dragon Quest 7 3DS Hero Guide: How to Become a Hero, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Hero Guide: How to Become a Hero, Abilities, Stats, and More

How to get the Hero vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS, plus spells, stats, abilities, and everything else you need to know.

The Hero vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS is an advanced job class that specializes in, well, saving the world. These well-rounded warriors wield great strength as well as the ability to heal their allies and perform buffs and debuffs. Heroes automatically regain some HP after each round.

How to become a Hero: Master three intermediate classes, or master two intermediate classes and one advanced class. Intermediate classes include the Gladiator, Sage, Monster Masher, Armamentalist, Paladin, Luminary, and Pirate. Advanced classes include the Champion and Druid.

Stat boosts and detriments: Heroes gain boosts to all their base stats except for Agility and Resilience. They don't suffer any stat detriments.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One:
Bounce (Bounce spells back at the caster, including healing spells)
Kasap (Lowers an enemy group's physical defense)
Kabuff (Raises allies' physical defense)
Oomph (Doubles an ally's attack power)
Insulate (Protects allies from fire and ice attacks)
Magic Barrier (Protect allies from magic-based attacks)
Kaclang (Turns allies into iron for a time, protecting them fully from all attacks)
Safe Passage (Lets party cross hazardous floors without taking damage)

Level Two:
Metal Slash (Pierce the metal hides of armored enemies)
Lightning Slash (Electrical attack on one enemy)
Flame Slash (Flame attack on one enemy)
Kacrakle Slash (Ice attack on one enemy)
Miracle Slash (Hit enemy and restore some of your own HP)

Level Three:
Backdraft (Bounce back fire and ice damage at caster)
Sword Dance (Hit four random enemies at 70% strength)
Disruptive Wave (Remove all buffs and debuffs from the battlefield)
Thin Air (Hit all enemies with big wind damage)
Scorch (Hit all enemies with devastating fire damage)

Level Four:
Zap (Hit one enemy with lightning for about 70 – 90 HP)
Kamikazee (Destroy all enemies at cost of user's life)
Kasnooze (Hit all enemies with a powerful sleep spell)
Puff (Turn into a dragon and unleash powerful attacks)
Multiheal (Heal all allies for about 100 HP)
Kazing (Revive one fallen ally at full HP)
Bazoom (Attempt to make one foe leave the battlefield)

Level Five:
Kafrizzle (Hit one foe for about 180 – 200 HP of fire damage)
Kasizzle (Hit a group of enemies for about 80 – 110 HP of fire damage)
Kaswoosh (Attack a group of enemies for about 60 – 120 of wind damage)
Maelstrom (Hit a group of enemies for about 120 – 150 worth of water damage)
Kazap (Hit a group of enemies for around 200 of electrical damage)

Level Six: Big Banga (Deals around 300 damage to all enemies)

Level Seven: Omniheal / Gigaslash (Heal all allies' HP to full / Hit a group of enemies with a holy blade for around 350 – 400 HP)

Level Eight: Kazapple (All party members contribute MP to wallop an enemy with an electrical attack)

Usefulness: Heroes have long been the best-rounded characters in the Dragon Quest universe. They're incredible healers, plus spells like Kazapple and Sword Dance can mess up foes hardcore. A Hero is an excellent compliment to a party of advanced-vocation warriors.

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