Dragon Quest 7 3DS Mini Medals Guide: Where to Find the Mini Medals

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Mini Medals Guide: Where to Find the Mini Medals

Got gold fever? Here's where to find the mini medals in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

Mini Medals can be exchanged in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for some valuable items. Here's a roughly chronological list of where to find the tokens.

This list is currently being updated. New finds are added regularly! A list of the mini medals you find in the present can be found on page two.

Mini Metals found in the Past

-In a cupboard at L'Arca's Inn

-In a barrel in Frobisher's item shop

-In a barrel in the shack at the Institute of Automatry

-In a vase in the northwest wing of Faraday Castle

-In the item shop at Greenthumb Gardens

-In a treasure chest just beyond the chamber where you fight Goody Gumdrops in Grody Grotto

-In a barrel in the shack on the mountain path to the Regrette-Rien covenant

-In a chest in a tent in the west portion of the Roamer's camp

-In a chest on the second level of the poolside cave you explore for the Roamers

-In a chest in the poolside cave you explore for the Roamers. You can access it after you drain the water.

-In a barrel near the poison swamp in Pilgrim's Perdition

-Down the well in Precipice Pass, in a cupboard

-In a chest in the dungeon leading to Priestess Jaqueline's prison

-In a cell at the bottom of the dungeon leading to Priestess Jaqueline's prison, in a jar

-In a chest in the tunnels leading to Allblades Arena

-In a chest in Alltrades Abbey, accessible after order is restored. You need to cross a trapped floor to reach it

-On the fourth level of the Likeness of the Great Evil

-In Grondal, in a pot in the house near the back of town

-In a chest inside the Time Frame

-In a chest in the mansion at Wilted Heart

-In Hardlypool, in a drawer on the second floor of the mayor's house

-In the second level of the Hardlypool tunnel, in a cheset

-In a barrel in he Spilton-on-Sea pub

-In a chest on the first level of the Sunken Citadel

-In a chest on the first level of the Sunken Citadel

-In a jar on the first level of the Sunken Citadel

-In Providence, in a barrel stashed in the house in the south-east corner of town

-In a chest in the hidden corridor of the Temple Palace. Push the Anubis statue at the back of the palace to reveal a staircase (the Queen may need to permit you to access the secret tunnel first)

-In a jar in the mansion at Nottagen

-In a chest on the first level of the Pillar of Sulkk

-In the closet of the King's room on the second level of Hubble Castle

-In a jar next to the graveyeard in the Grand Conjuratorium. To get there, enter the building's main foyer, where there's a staircase in the center of a pond. Enter the inner chamber through the left door (the one with the statue next to it), go across to the right door, then enter again through the top and exit through the bottom. A bridge to the stairs will then appear

-In a cupboard in the house of Aeolus Vale's Praetor

-In a chest on the first level of the Sullied Sanctum

-In a barrel on the first level of the Sanctum of the Cirrus

-In a barrel at the Elder's house in Vogograd

-In a chest in a cave partway up Mt Gora

-In a barrel near the center of Buccanham Palace

-In a chest in the basement of the Den of Dwarves

-In a chest on the first level of The Beacon

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