Dragon Quest 7 3DS Mini Medals Guide: Where to Find the Mini Medals

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Mini Medals Guide: Where to Find the Mini Medals

Got gold fever? Here's where to find the mini medals in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

Mini Metals in the Present

-Break open the barrels at Haven's pub once it's built (you need three monsters living there for the pub to be built)

-Talk to the boy in the north-eastern corner of Emberdale. Retrieve his blue button from the sign in front of the Inn

-In a chest in the Grotta near L'Arca

-In a barrel in Faraday's downstairs kitchen

-In a chest in Frobisher's southwest stronghold room (the entrance is on the side of the wall; rotate the camera to find it if necessary)

-In a barrel in the basement pub of La Maison Grodie

-In a cupboard down the well at the archeological dig site where you get the Serpent's skull

-In a chest in the room where you get the flying carpet in La Bravoure

-In a pot in Alltrades Abbey's basement, on the left side of the room

-In a jar in the bandit hidehout near Alltrades Abbey. Get the key from the cupboard behind Mighty Pip.

-At a jar at the dig site where the Serpent's skull is found. Give Dr Digby's care package to the guard to access it

-In a barrel behind Al Balad's item shop

-In a drawer down the well in front of Grondal's church

-In a cupboard on the second floor of Grondal's Inn

-In a cupboard down the well at El Magnifico Puente

-In a chest on the fifth level of El Monumento de Pomposo

-In a pot in the upper-right corner of Haven (you must recruit at least ten monsters for it to appear)

-In a barrel on level three of Highendreigh Tower

-In Wetlock. Take the raft under the bridge on the east side of town and talk to the kitty

-In the well in Providence (examine the ground)

-In Bulgio's room at Palazzo di Bulgio

-In a chest on level seven of The Tallest Tower

-In a chest on the first level of the Pillar of Sulkk

-In Nottagen's well after the worm invasion

-In a chest on a balcony in the Sunken Citadel

-In a chest close to the entrance of the Sunken Citadel

-In a chest in the basement of the Grand Conjuratorium. To get there, enter the building's main foyer, where there's a staircase in the center of a pond. Enter the inner chamber through the left door (the one with the statue next to it), go across to the right door, then enter again through the top and exit through the bottom. A bridge to the stairs will then appear

- In a barrel behind the building near the center of Hubble

-In a drawer down Hubble's well

-In a jar in the southwest corner of the Roamer Camp

-In a chest outside the Sanctum of the Cirrus

-In a chest on he first level of the Sanctum of the Cirrus

- In a chest east of the inn at Buccanham Palace. Enter the house at the northeast of town and push the book case aside to get through

-In a chest on level five of The Beacon

-In a chest in the third basement of the Den of Dwarves. You need a magic key to unlock it.

-In a jar in Haven after you recruit at least 14 monsters

-In a jar in Phlegmrique's house after you recruit at least 14 monsters

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