Dragon Quest 7 3DS Monster Masher Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Monster Masher Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Everything you need to know about the Monster Masher vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

The intermediate Monster Masher vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS builds up wild warriors who understand the ways of monsters and learn to emulate their attacks. Monster Mashers are capable of mastering a variety of breath attacks, and can also learn some helpful buffs and debuffs.

How to become a Monster Masher: Visit Alltrades Abbey and make the switch after mastering the Thief and Shepherd vocations. Thieves are nimble-fingered fighters who aren't above fighting a little dirty if it gives them the upper hand, and Shepherds can administer light healing as well as command animal allies to attack foes. The Shepherd's "Whistle" ability also instantly summons an enemy to battle, which is very handy to have when you're levelling up your party.

Stat boosts and detriments: Monster Mashers take small hits to their Max MP and Max HP, but they also gain decent boosts in their Wisdom and Agility. Their breath attacks can be devastating, so physical strength isn't top priority with this class.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One: Poison Breath / Animal Magnetism (Try to poison a group of enemies with a breath attack / Compel monsters to come to the Monster Meadows)

Level Two: Kabuff / Sweet Breath (Bolster all allies' defense / Try to put all enemies to sleep with a breath attack)

Level Three: Insulate / Fire Breath / Cool Breath (Protect all allies against fire and ice attacks / Hit all enemies with a weak breath attack / Hit all enemies with a moderate ice attack)

Level Four: Magic Barrier / Burning Breath (Protect all allies against magic attacks / Try to paralyze all enemies with a breath attack)

Level Five: Kasap / Flame Breath (Lower all enemies' physical defense / Hit all enemies with a moderate fire attack)

Level Six: Puff / Venom Mist (Turn into a dragon and unleash massive, albeit uncontrollable, attacks / Try to seriously poison a foe with a breath attack)

Level Seven: Inferno / Chilly Breath (Hit all enemies with a strong fire attack / Hit all enemies with a strong ice attack)

Level Eight: Scorch (Hit all enemies with a very powerful fire attack)

Usefulness: Monster Mashers master their vocation quite quickly compared to other intermediate classes. Their breath attacks hit hard for zero MP use, with Scorch being particularly devastating. Monster Mashers are invaluable for putting a quick end to most random encounters with basic enemies, though you might run into a problem if you come up against a boss or a strong stooge who's well-armored against fire and ice attacks.

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