Dragon Quest 7 3DS Paladin Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Paladin Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Everything you need to know about the Paladin vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Paladin vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS is an intermediate job that trains up holy, selfless warriors whose specialty is shielding allies in battle. Paladins received a total overhaul for the 3DS remake; most of the protections they offer are now based around healing and buff spells instead of their own bodies. Paladins can cast wind-based magic.

How to become a Paladin: Visit Alltrades Abbey and make the switch after mastering the Martial Artist and Priest vocations. Martial artists' abilities utilize the fighter's body to strike at monsters' weak points, and Priests are talented at healing magic, party buffs, and even wield some wind-based magic.

Stat boosts and detriments: Paladins don't get massive boosts to their base stats, but on the plus side, they don't get many detriments, either. Wisdom and Agility are both boosted.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One: Selflessness, Stomp (Shield an ally for one turn / User damages all enemies with a small earthquake)

Level Two: Thin Air (A wind-based attack that grows in strength as the user increases in level)

Level Three: Kasap / Double Up (Lower an enemy group's defense / Perform a critical hit against an enemy, but defense drops to zero for the rest of the turn)

Level Four: Kaswoosh / Multiheal (A strong wind attack that damages a group of enemies / A spell that restores around 100 HP to all allies)

Level Five: Forebearance / Magic Barrier (Guard all allies from enemy attacks / Dampens magic damage against the entire party)

Level Six: Oomph / Kazing (Double attack power for one ally / Revive one fallen ally with full HP)

Level Seven: Kerplunk / Disruptive Wave (Heals all allies, but the user is killed / Nullfies any buffs or debuffs administered during a battle)

Level Eight: Pearly Gates (A powerful wind attack that damages a group of monsters, and does 30% more damage to undead creatures)

Usefulness: The Paladin's 3DS renovation makes the class far more than a mere meat shield. Multiheal is a very valuable spell later in the game, as is Kazing. Thin Air is also a powerful attack that hits all enemies at no MP cost. It's not very useful against lone bosses, but it's amazing for crowd control. The Paladin is slow to level up, but the time investment is worth it.

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