Dragon Quest 7 3DS Sage Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Dragon Quest 7 3DS Sage Guide: Spells, Abilities, Stats, and More

Everything you need to know about the Sage vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS.

The intermediate Sage vocation in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the Nintendo 3DS builds up powerful spellcasters who specialize in healing and revival, but can also hold their own in a fight with the help of some devastating attack magic. Their bodies are rather frail, so their buffing expertise comes in handy.

How to become a Sage: Visit Alltrades Abbey and make the switch after mastering the Priest and Mage vocations. Priests care for their allies' well-being with the aid of healing magic and buffs, whereas the Mage specializes in magical attacks that target single enemies, enemy groups, and all the enemies on a field.

Stat boosts and detriments: Sages take a hit to their Strength, Resilience, and Max HP, but enjoy nice boosts to their Wisdom and Max MP.

Magic and Abilities Learned:

Level One: Thwack / Drain Magic (An instant death spell that targets a group of enemies / A spell that absorbs the MP of an enemy's spell when they try and cast it)

Level Two: Oomph / Insulate (Raises an ally's attack power for a few turns / Protects the party against damage from fire and ice attacks)

Level Three: Kacrackle / Kasnooze (A very damaging spell that rains icicles down on all enemies / A powerful sleep spell that hits all foes)

Level Four: Kabuff / Magic Barrier (Increases the whole party's physical defense / Protects the whole party against magic-based damage)

Level Five: Kasizzle / Multiheal (Roasts a group of enemies in a powerful wave of fire / Heals all allies for about 100 HP)

Level Six: Kaswoosh / Kazing (A strong wind-based attack that envelopes a group of enemies in a tornado / Revive one fallen ally with full HP)

Level Seven: Kafrizzle / Kaboom / Summon (Deliver a very powerful fire attack to one enemy / Hit all enemies with a massive explosion / Summon a deity to fight for you)

Level Eight: Kathwack (May instantly kill all enemies on the field)

Usefulness: Sages enjoy a lot of popularity in the Dragon Quest series thanks to their well-rounded roster of spells. The Sage is similarly well-balanced in Dragon Quest VII 3DS. They're proficient at healing, buffs, status afflictions, and devastating attack magic. Having a sage in your party offers an invaluable sense of security.

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