Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room Recipes - All Set Room Recipes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room Recipes - All Set Room Recipes

Here's our guide on all the Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes you can construct.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is all about that room-building life, so you'll need to know the Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes. Rooms are necessary constructs for yourself and the NPCs in your care. Rooms are where you all cook, sleep, and even answer the call of nature. Without four stout walls, NPCs can find themselves at the mercy of monsters and the elements. This guide to Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room Recipes has all the info you need.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room Recipes

We've got all the info you need to get building all the various Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes. Constructing a basic room is easy. You just need to build up your walls two "blocks" high and add a door. A room's size ranges from "Tiny" to "Enormous," depending on how much real estate it takes up. You can generally make rooms any size you want, but completing room-related quests for NPCs sometimes requires you to pay attention to a requested size. For example, the anal-retentive Clayton from Furrowfield Farm won't accept the toilet you build for him unless it's in a tiny room.

Rooms take on specific functions according to how you accessorize them. Doing so clues your NPCs into what the rooms are supposed to be used for, plus it gradually fills out your Builderpedia and puts you on the road to becoming the very best Builder like no one ever was. Below is a list of room recipes in alphabetical order.

  • Agricultural kitchen: A room with a chest, two piles of firewood, three bonfires, and three sacks of wheat.
  • Armoury: A room with a chest, four decorative warlike items (e.g. spear racks and ornamental armour), and two barricades.
  • Barn: A room with a chest, a pot, a rope coil, a haystack, a stack of firewood, and decorative farming tools.
  • Barracks: A room with four beds, two light sources, and two decorative warlike items.
  • Basic Bar: A room with a cocktail counter (a counter with a cocktail shaker and four stools).
  • Basic Bedroom: A room with two beds and a light source.
  • Castle Cafeteria: A room with a brick barbeque, a chest, a well, and a buffet (place a food item like Soldier's Stew on a table alongside some dishes, like basic crockery).
  • Castle Kitchen: A room with a brick barbeque, a chest, and a well.
  • If you forget a room recipe, consult your handy-dandy Builderpedia. | Square Enix
  • Cell: A room with a set of chains and a pot.
  • Chapel: A room with an altar, two tabletop light sources (candles or candelabras, for example), four chairs, and a Goddess statue.
  • Communal Bedroom: A room with eight beds and four light sources. Great space-saver!
  • Creepy Conservatory: A room with any chest, two blooming poxgloves, and four budding poxgloves.
  • Dining Room: A room with four dining tables and a light source.
  • Dormitory: A room with eight beds, three pots, and one Inn sign.
  • Farmers' Bedroom: A room with two beds, farming tools, a stack of firewood, and a light source.
  • Gory Grillhouse: A room with a brick barbeque, a Meaty Marshy Mountain, and a chest.
  • Item Shop: A room with two crates, one price tag, a table, and an Item Shop sign.
  • Mushroom Cookroom: A room with two bonfires, a chest, and a sample of fungus. Note you can't just smash a mushroom with your hammer for this purpose: You need to use your Gloves to pick up the mushroom and place it in the room.
  • Neat n Sweet Bedroom: A room with a bed, a chair, a dressing table, a light source, a Resident's sign, and an ornamental flower like a gladiolus. Again, you'll need to pick up a flower with your Gloves and place it in the bedroom.
  • Pot Chamber: A room with five pots and one chest. Do not allow any Hylian men to enter unsupervised.
  • Private Bedroom: A room with a bed, a light source, a chair, and a Resident's sign.
  • You can build most rooms at any size, but some NPCs will make special size requests. | Square Enix

    Dragon Quest Builders 2 Set Recipes

  • Pumping Station: A room with two dumbbells, two sets of mining tools, and two towels.
  • Relaxation Room: A room with a bed, two curtains, a folding screen, and a "gentle" light source, like a torch.
  • Rough n Tough Bedroom: A room with a bed, a light source, a set of dumbbells, a barrel, a set of bottles, and a Resident's sign.
  • Royal Bedchamber: A room with a king-sized bed, a fancy chair (something bearing the "Cool" aesthetic, like a couch), one fancy light source (try a lantern), one fireplace, and one Resident's sign.
  • Rustic Bathroom: A room with a basic bathtub, four washtubs, three towels, and one chair.
  • Scenic Shower Room: A room with four showers, two folding screens, two towels, two light sources, and four glass windows.
  • Sculpture Gallery: A room with one statue and three handrails.
  • Shabby Throne Room: A room with a disfigured throne.
  • Shower Room: A room with one shower, a folding screen, and a towel.
  • Simple Kitchen: A room with a chest and three bonfires.
  • Smithy: A room with a forge, a chest, a pot, and a set of hanging sacks.
  • Social Bedroom: A room with two light sources and four beds.
  • Summoning Chamber: A room with a Forbidden Altar, a chest, a False Idol, a Sinister Sconce, an Unholy Altar, and two Peculiar Pillars.
  • Throne Room: A room with a throne, two braziers, and four Bold Banners.
  • Toilet: A room with a pot and a towel.
  • Training Room: A room with four Target Dummies, two spear racks, and four wooden fortifications.
  • War Room: A room with an Emblematic Table, a map, and two wargame pieces (they look like little red soldier dolls).
  • Well-stocked Bar: A room with a Cocktail Counter (that's a Connecting Counter topped with a Cocktail Shaker and equipped with four seats), two Simple Sipper's sets (a chair and a table topped with a Full Flagon), a Social Sippers set (two Keg Counters side-by-side with four chairs and four Full Flagons), two casks, and one Pub sign.
  • Wizard's Workshop: A room with a Wizard's Workbench, an Incense Burner, a Crystal Ball, and a Comfy Cusion.

That's your lot as far as Dragon Quest Builders 2 room recipes go. Now set forth and build those rooms to meet the requirements you've been set.

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