Dragon Quest: Your Story, The CG Movie Based on Dragon Quest 5, Gets Its First Trailer

It looks considerably less Toriyama-esque, sadly.

Dragon Quest: Your Story, a 3D CG animated feature film, was first announced back in February 2019 with little details. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii was on supervising duties, Koichi Sugiyama on music (as usual). Takashi Yamazaki (known for the anime series Parasyte) was named as its director. The film is not an original story though, it's an adaptation of another game in Dragon Quest history. Today, it got its first trailer.

Dragon Quest: Your Story is an adaptation of Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. In the trailer that debuted today, we get a glimpse of a few characters from it, including the hero, Bianca, Flora, and even Saber. Akira Toriyama, longtime artist for the Dragon Quest series, as we currently know is not involved with the production. As a result, the characters look far less Toriyama-esque. Otherwise, the CGI looks incredibly slick though, and the Slime and Saber sure look cute.

On our Top 25 RPGs countdown of the past year, we named Dragon Quest 5 not just the best Dragon Quest game, but the eighth best RPG ever made. For its addition, Nadia Oxford wrote, "It's rare for a silent hero to deliver as much of an impact as Abel, but it's also rare for an RPG to make its lead character grow up, suffer, and then prosper and triumph as successfully as Dragon Quest 5 does."

Unfortunately, it appears that the hero does indeed talk in the animated adaptation (to be voiced by actor Takeru Satoh), but considering the game's own epic scope, there's still potential in its story resonating with a film audience. It does leave one question though: who will the canonical wife be?

Dragon Quest: Your Story will be out on August 2 in Japan. It is unknown if the animated feature will make its way overseas, but considering the popularity of limited time engagements (such as through Fathom Events for anime films), it's entirely possible we'll see it in North America eventually.

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