Dragon Quest: Your Story Is Coming to Netflix—Along With All Its Controversies

Dragon Quest: Your Story Is Coming to Netflix—Along With All Its Controversies

Dragon Quest fans are happy this movie's coming West, sort of.

An official translation of Dragon Quest: Your Story draws near. The 3D animated movie, which adapts the story of Dragon Quest V for the Super Famicom, is coming to Netflix on February 13.

According to the Netflix description of the movie, Dragon Quest: Your Story follows a protagonist named Luca as he journeys to save his mother from the demon Ladja. His only hope is to find the hero who wields the legendary Zenithan sword. If you're a fan of Dragon Quest 5, this overview is probably already sounding a little familiar. Indeed, Dragon Quest: Your Story follows Luca from childhood through adulthood, same as the excellent Super Famicom game it's based on.

Dragon Quest 5 is a universally-loved RPG—it's on our Top 25 RPG list for a reason—but reactions to Dragon Quest: Your Story are noticeably mixed amongst people who saw the movie when it hit Japanese theaters last August. There are understandably complaints about how the 3D-rendered characters don't utilize the spiky-haired style conceived by series character designer Akira Toriyama, though the monster designs are spot-on.

The movie's ending is even more controversial than its character designs. RPGamer's Michael Baker saw the Japanese premiere of the movie, and he describes the audience reaction in his (spoiler free) impressions piece.

"I won’t say any more, only that I wasn’t the only person looking dazed and confused when leaving the room after the closing credits were through," he writes. "[T]his film was a thing that happened, and which could only have happened in Japan. And thank goodness for that."

This is starting to sound like some sort of dark JRPG prophecy. Form your own opinions of Dragon Quest: Your Story when it comes to Netflix on February 13.

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