Media Molecule Says It's Actively Considering How to Fix Dreams' Clickbait Problem

Media Molecule Says It's Actively Considering How to Fix Dreams' Clickbait Problem

Media Molecule is listening to fans who are unhappy with Dreams' trending tab.

Media Molecule's Dreams, like Little Big Planet, Super Mario Maker, and even Minecraft before it, has incredible creative potential that, understandably, can end up being winnowed down to a focus on remakes and other viral content. As neat and demonstrative of Dreams' potential those may be, some fans of the game want it to surface more original creations, and Media Molecule says it's listening.

IGN reports that Dreams players on Reddit have congregated in a popular thread about the way trending creations are surfaced. Right now, "meme and superhero games" are rising to the top as a result of the number of plays they have, while more varied games that have amassed more likes yet fewer plays languish in obscurity. One Reddit user argues that the system is "rewarding clickbait."

In a statement to IGN, a Media Molecule spokesperson says "feedback is a vital part" of how Media Molecule will support Dreams moving forward, and that the developer is actively considering the community's concerns about how it surfaces trending content:

We started making the first changes to our recommendation & discovery algorithms in Early Access and plan on continuing that work to improve them as we go[...] The Reddit thread currently contains some good ideas, such as the "likes vs plays" ratio currently and we are certainly giving them some careful consideration as part of this process.

With tools as in-depth as Dreams' are, at least the quality bar for remakes is already quite high. Still, with people creating their own games and experiences within Dreams—or, in the case of prolific maker TannicAlloy, creations that bridge the real world and the game—it's easy to understand why dedicated fans would want a greater emphasis on originality.

For more on Dreams, check out Hirun's review of the official release, and don't miss the winning creations from Media Molecule's first IMPY awards (where you'll find no memes or copyright-skirting remakes, naturally).

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