Dreams: How to Unlock, Customize and Change Imps

Dreams: How to Unlock, Customize and Change Imps

Your little Imp avatar is a constant presence in Dreams. We'll show you how to swap it for others here.

One of the first figures you'll meet inDreams is your Imp, a bouncy little ball of hair that functions as a kind of cursor, and accompanies you throughout the whole game. We'll show you how to change and unlock new Imps here.

How to Change Your Imp

If you want to change your current Imp cursor icon for a different one, go into the main menu through the Options button and select your profile in the right. Here you'll have the option to customize your imp on the left. Select that, and you'll get an image of your chosen Imp in the middle, with three options above it: Imp Surprise, Imp Carousel, and My Imps.

Imp Carousel is the first one you should probably check, which has all the Imps you've unlocked for you to cycle through. Simply click on one and it'll be your cursor from that point on. Imp Surprise is randomly-generated selection of Imps made of pieces of all the ones you've unlocked so far, resetting every time you go into it. My Imps is a selection of those you've saved for you to go back to, which you can do on this screen at any point by selecting an Imp and clicking on the plus sign on the right. Keep in mind you do have limited spaces here, so don't go crazy and be prepared to delete them if you want room for more (that's the Triangle Button).

Your own profile serves as the place to choose and swap out your own imps. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Media Molecule/Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to Unlock New Imps

Dreams has a system set up in which completing "Imp Quests" gives you new ones to choose from. Quests range from building certain creations, playing those made by other people, or just reaching certain levels. Go back one step to the profile menu, and you'll see Imp Quests marked on the left. It's worth mentioning that these challenges have a variety of rewards, but those with the Imp icon will put new ones in your Carousel to pick from. You can also select Quests to see what you'll need to do to complete them or, and what it'll take to unlock them.

Challenges give you numerous prizes, and new Imps are a common one. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Media Molecule/Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you found that helpful, why not take a look at some of our other guides on Dreams? We've got a full beginner's guide here, or you can follow this link to find out how you can edit and remix other players' work in your own game.

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