Dreams Runs on PS5, But Don't Take That as Confirmation of a Port

Dreams Runs on PS5, But Don't Take That as Confirmation of a Port

Media Molecule says "that's just us being devs and exploring."

Media Molecule first showed off Dreams back in 2013 alongside the reveal of the PlayStation 4, but today-with the PlayStation 5 set to launch later this year-marks the retail release of Dreams' suite of animation, music, and game-making tools. So, one might wonder if Media Molecule will bring the considerable investment it has made in Dreams to Sony's next console. Apparently, the studio already has, but it shouldn't be taken as anything more than an experiment at this point.

Speaking with our sister site Eurogamer for a thorough interview about Dreams' winding road to launch, Media Molecule's Alex Evans readily volunteered a nugget about a PS5-compatible version of Dreams, but chalks it up to the sort of exploration a Sony-owned studio might be expected to do. At this stage, Evans says, there's no guarantee it's coming to other platforms:

I mean, obviously, we're going to look at that, we're a PlayStation studio. Dreams actually already runs on PlayStation 5—there you go, that's the scoop. But that's just us being devs and exploring. I'd be lying to you if I said we weren't going to explore, but there's literally zero plans at the moment.

Just yesterday, Media Molecule's creative director Mark Healey told Video Games Chronicle that the studio also isn't working on a PC version of Dreams. Rumors of a port took shape after Kotaku's recent report on the possibility of a Horizon Zero Dawn PC release later this year. "That's not something that's happening right now," says Healey, "but I think a lot of that depends on where the games industry goes in general, I suppose."

Dreams is available now on PS4 for $39.99. The full release includes Media Molecule's story campaign Art's Dream, and the selection of user-generated content already includes thousands of creations made in early access. For more on Dreams, check out the five best creations you can play in it right now and USG's interview with Tyler "TannicAlloy" Whittaker, prolific Dreams maker behind some Labo-like contraptions.

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