Ducktales NES Moon Theme Gets Tribute in New Ducktales Cartoon Season Finale

A beloved bit of game music crosses time, space, and mediums.

The first season of Disney's new Ducktales (awoo-woo) series wrapped up over the weekend with a cliffhanger—and a small nod to fans of the legendary NES game from 1989. A brief shot of the Moon (which is introduced for story purposes I won't spoil here) is accompanied by ten notes from Ducktales NES' famous Moon theme.

It's an easy-to-miss tribute if you don't know what you're listening for: I only noticed it because a friend advised me to listen for it beforehand. What a neat little inclusion, though. I was chuffed for the rest of the weekend. Special thanks to "Cole Tolphin" for uploading a video that isolates the music cue without any story spoilers.

The Ducktales soundtrack is the opus of former Capcom game music composer Hiroshige Tonomura, and its Moon theme is generally considered the best piece in the line-up. I'll level with you all: I prefer the Transylvania theme. That doesn't mean my scalp didn't prickle oh-so slightly at the auditory call-out in the 2017 cartoon, though.

Ducktales 2017 resumes later this year. If you haven't played the original Ducktales on NES, by the way, it's high time you remedied that. Good thing The Disney Afternoon Collection makes playing the game easy. Unless you want to play it on the Switch. Sigh.

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