PUBG Xbox One Update: Duo and Squad FPP Modes Coming Today

Two new game modes are coming to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One today, as long as you're in North America or Europe.

News by Hirun Cryer, .

PUBG on Xbox One now has duo and squad first-person modes, according to a PUBG Corp announcement on the official Battlegrounds forums.

This doesn't actually mark the first time that duo and squad modes have arrived in the Xbox One preview program version of Battlegrounds, as you can already play both duo and squad modes with one and three other players respectively, in the third person mode of the game.

As we reported on yesterday, PUBG Corp announced that the first person (FPP) mode for PUBG Xbox One would be available that same day, after a 30 minute maintenance period. The duo and squad FPP modes will are now available in North America and Europe.

As PUBG Corp previously mentioned in the update on January 8, additional modes will be coming to various regions for PUBG on Xbox One when "concurrency allowed". It seems as though concurrency has allowed the addition of more modes merely a day later.

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