Dying Light 2 Outlines the Lifecycle of Its Zombies

Dying Light 2 Outlines the Lifecycle of Its Zombies

There's more than one type of zombie on the horizon.

The focus of Dying Light was surviving the quarantined city of Harran. Only your wits, makeshift weapons, and a healthy dose of parkour would keep you from the zombie hordes. The E3 2018 presentation of the sequel, Dying Light 2, was light on the zombie, instead showing off the human factions and how your actions would affect the world.

You might have to contend with the worst of humanity, but there are still zombies. In the first game, zombie were ever-present, but got stronger at night. This time, most of the zombies lie dormant in the sunlight, coming out at night to feed and hunt.

"We have this whole cycle of infected life in the game" Dying Light 2 Lead Game Designer Tymon Smekta?a tells GamesRadar. "The infected start as a Viral, which is someone who just got bitten and just got infected, so they still show traces of humanity, and at this point they are very quick, very dangerous – they avoid the sun at all costs. But after some time in that state, they turn into what we call Biters, which are your regular zombies; slowly moving infected that, if able, will try and grab you and infect you or eat you, but the sunlight is dangerous to them, and they are not as quick and as agile as the Virals."

After Biters comes the Degenerates, heavily-decaying zombies that stayed out in the sun for too long. Finally, the Volatiles return from the first game, standing as the strongest infected enemies in Dying Light 2 so far. They're weak to the sun and UV light like their brethren, but otherwise, they're very fast, can climb obstacles, and require a lot of fire to take down. Smekta?a says it's best to just avoid them altogether.

During the day, Dying Light 2 will still be dangerous, as you need to handle. Dying Light 2 will have various human factions. Techland has only shown off the major factions, the Peacekeepers and the Scavengers, and one of the wildcard factions, the Untainted. The Peacekeepers are dedicated to law and order and wiping out the infected completely. The Scavengers are more focused on simple survival, carving out places for themselves amid the infected horde.

Techland is prioritizing a smooth 60 fps over 4K resolution for Dying Light 2. It's shaping up to be a great sequel to one of the surprise winners of 2015. Dying Light 2 is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but it doesn't currently have a release date.

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