Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

In Dying Light, gamers will control Kyle Crane, a GRE (Global Relief Effort) operative that was assigned to Harran, Turkey in order to retrieve a sensitive file regarding the outbreak of an infection. Things don't go as planned, however, and when players wake up from the introductory cut scene they will be in the Tower, a safe zone that is home to survivors of the zombie epidemic.

Working with other inhabitants of the Tower, Crane must race to complete his objectives for the GRE, while also trying to do right by the people of Harran. With a little help from us in the form of this full game walkthrough, players will be able to complete all of their objectives and see this story reach its conclusion.

To effectively use this guide, use the page numbers at the top and bottom of the article to navigate from chapter to the next, or the links below to bounce around as needed. Each article will also contain a link that leads directly back to this page for easy navigation.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 1: Awakening - Parkour Test

Like most video games these days, Dying Light uses its first mission as a running introduction to the story, as well as a tutorial to introduce players to some of the game mechanics. Our walkthrough will discuss these mechanics and how they apply to the entire campaign.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 2: First Assignment - The Goon

The training wheels slowly start to come off as Kyle Crane is sent out on his first assignment. It's a fairly gentle introduction into the world of Harran, but there's still plenty of places to get jammed up. We'll walk players through the objectives and discuss the value of Safe Zones.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 3: Airdrop - First Night Pursuit

For the battle tested veterans of Harran such as ourselves, this mission is a walk in the park. Well, at least until the point when players are introduced to their first night pursuit. Follow our advice to prepare for some of Dying Light's most terrifying enemies, Virals and Volatiles.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 4: Pact with Rais - Get a Gun

Players are about to run through a gauntlet of objectives in a mission that could have easily been split into two. Crane will need to meet up with Rais, then run some errands to get his hands on that Antizin the Tower so desperately needs. Oh, there's a gun to found as well.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 5: Siblings - Bolter Tissue Sample

It's another long one, and players will have to work with both Jade and Rahim. The good news is there should be more opportunities to find a gun, and we have a pretty rock solid strategy in place to help gamers get their hands on that precious Bolter tissue that Zere wants.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 6: The Pit - Demolisher Boss Fight

The only easy part of this mission is getting to it, but after that it will be a difficult mix of parkour and combat. Luckily, players should have firearms to make the first half easier, and we have the winning formula to take the Demolisher down in the mission's final boss fight.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 7: The Saviors - Survive the Ambush

Always expect the unexpected, except when it comes to video game storytelling players almost always expect to be stabbed in the back. That's the case during this mission, but after the recent boss fight, taking down a handful of Rais' men should be a walk in the park.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 8: Find the Embers - Meet Troy

After some pretty long and intense missions, this one is a breeze. Players will finally make their way to Old Town, a place where parkour on the rooftops is the preferred way of travel. Head out for the objective marker on the map to knock this one off in five minutes.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 9: Higher Education - Meet Jade

It's been a few minutes since players spent some quality time with Jade, one of the toughest survivors in all of Harran. This mission will see Kyle Crane set out to find her, although it's as simple as moving from one waypoint to the next, then returning to where it all began. Easy as pie.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 10: Public Faces - Zombie Child

Players will be getting up close and personal with the undead in this mission, and the tight spaces make it one of the more enjoyable that the game has to offer. It also introduces a new enemy called the Zombie Child, something that works like a car alarm for other undead.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 11: Rendezvous - Tahir Boss Fight

With Jade in trouble, players will have to fight their way through the museum to save their friend. Once reaching Jade, however, the battle against hoards of undead will begin. The mission finally ends with the boss fight against Rais' right hand man, Tahir.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 12: Broadcast - Find the Access Card

With Broadcast, the game returns to its marathon like mission style, requiring players to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get to the main objectives, which are to find the access card and hook up the amplifier. Follow our guide to kill the Goons and Demolishers.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 13: The Clinic - Go Meet Dr. Camden

Dr. Camden has been a voice on the radio over much of Dying Light, but in this mission players will finally get to put a face to the name. That is, of course, if they manage to break into the clinic, take out the Goon and Demolisher, then run the decontamination process.

Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 14: Extraction - Final Boss Battle with Rais

It's almost not worth calling a boss battle, as the journey to reach Rais is infinitely more difficult than the final moments of the campaign. In fact, the "boss battle" isn't much more than a zombie apocalypse version of something that players might recall from the game Heavy Rain.

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