Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Title: Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 10: Public Faces - Zombie Child

This mission will begin with players needing to meet Michael in the sewers, but it's a fairly simple task until arriving at the objective. The sewer entrance itself is surrounded by the undead, but it's a perfect opportunity for players to practice the new found skill of smearing themselves with zombie blood. In fact, kill a lone zombie outside the wall, then parkour over and enter the tunnels. If that doesn't work, kill everything in sight and stroll in like a boss. We like to think we give players options.

Once players are inside the sewers it will be time to find Michael, and for this there will be some swimming involved. Hop in the water and swim toward the objective marker, getting out and dropping back into another body of water to the east until players emerge at a dead body. Once again, smear it's guts all over Mr. Crane, then run through the zombie hoard that lines the path to the objective to locate Michael.

Hint: This mission can be as simple or as complicated as players want to make it. Zombie blood can allow for many of the undead to be bypassed, but engaging in combat will slow things down considerably.

After speaking with Michael and picking up the explosives players will need to take an elevator ride to the fifth floor, at which point they can climb up the elevator shaft to reach the ninth floor. From here it's a matter of exiting the elevator and looking for a hole in the ceiling that will make the 10th floor accessible. There might be a zombie or 20 in the way, but nothing that some quick free running can't overcome.

The first two apartments that players need to plant explosives in are 105 and 106. Don't even bother searching for numbers, just look at the map and locate the shaded area. Enter the apartment and clear out the infected, then interact with the stove and plant the bomb. With the first one down, head to the next apartment and repeat the process. There will likely be more infected inside, but not so many that it won't be manageable.

Hint: If the zombie guts/stealth method isn't working out, a gun and a few dozen headshots will clear this apartment building in a big hurry. Back into one of the already secured apartments, then shoot the undead as they filter through the door.

Players will now need to take the stairs to the 12th floor, then locate another hole in the roof to access the 13th floor. This is the location of apartments 134 and 137, the final two that Kyle needs to plant explosives at in order to complete this portion of the mission. The good news is, the zombie guts trick and then sprinting for the objectives will likely work, bypassing what could turn into another long fight.

Once again look for the shaded areas on the map to locate the two apartments, then plant the explosives to complete the objective. Just be aware that this is when the zombie child is introduced, and these little pains in the butt can really mess up a solid plan. When players spot the zombie child they need to rush it and instantly shut it up, otherwise its screams will call more undead to the area.

Hint: Zombie children can be shot, or they can be hushed up. Do whatever works, but do it fast.

After all the explosives are planted Crane will need to find Michaels detonator, which is pretty much just running the course back to the sewers in reverse. If it's something that gamers are having a hard time remembering, the objective marker should be a solid guide back to the elevator. It's not until stepping off and back into the sewers that all sorts of enemies will be show up, including Bombers and Goons, although neither should be tough to handle at this point in the game. Players just need to keep their distance and try to get the Bomber to explode next to its pals for collateral damage, then shoot the Goon in the head about a dozen times.

There is one last Bomber hiding in the room that Michael left the detonator in. Players can inside and then quickly back out when it's about to explode. With it dead, go inside and grab the detonator, then leave the building and set off the explosives. When players are clear of the building and make it to the objective marker the mission's final cut scene will play.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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