Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Title: Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 11: Rendezvous - Tahir Boss Battle

The first objective of the mission is to meet Jade in the red building, something that is as simple as moving to the waypoint displayed on the mini map. If it happens to be night time, sleep at a Safe Zone and make the trip in the morning. Either way, arriving will complete the objective, at which point it's time to find the museum custodian.

Finding the custodian is just another move from point to point objective, but luckily Old Town is built in such a way that players will hardly ever have to step foot on the ground. Use zip lines and parkour to stay above the undead on the ground level, and after meeting the custodian head out to find the underwater entrance.

Hint: It might not be a horrible idea to visit a vendor and stock up on some ammunition for this mission as there are quite a few human enemies to take down.

The underwater entrance will start out as a waypoint, but will eventually turn into a shaded area of the map. Dive under water near the middle and look around until spotting the entry point, then surface and get some more air. It's best to pass through the entrance will full lungs so that Crane won't drown during this part. After a deep breath he should be able to make it, finally surfacing and climbing up on a box, then dropping back into the water on the opposite side. As long as the timing is correct, players should have no trouble swimming for the waypoint to complete the objective.

The combat heavy portion of the mission will see Crane having to eliminate Rais' guards, and for this the only option is headshots from rifles or a handgun. They should drop without much trouble, players just need to stay patient and take shots when they present themselves rather than forcing it. When the last guard is down Rais will start babbling on over the loud speaker. Head to the top floor and toward the objective marker.

Hint: The upcoming hall of zombies can be bypassed entirely. Parkour is better than combat in this situation.

When players finally do reach the hall of zombies, look up, not down. The path to bypass this nonsense is above the door, and requires some well thought out jumping from platform to platform. There might be one or two enemies firing at Crane's position, but it's as easy to overcome as returning said fire from one of his own rifles.

After reaching the waypoint at the far end of the hallway, stay up top and fire down on the zombies below. One or two might try to climb up, but it's fairly simple to put them down. When the coast is clear, open the doorway to rescue Jade.

Hint: Some zombies have oxygen tanks on their back, and shooting these will cause them to explode and kill other undead foes in the immediate area.

The next two objectives will see players helping Jade to kill the infected and escape the museum, but nothing is ever that simple, is it?

For the first part, kill all the infected with a rifle, moving around the room and being sure to provide some help to Jade if she gets swarmed. From there players will have to endure some cut scenes, as well as one of the game's most whacky sequences where Jade becomes the makeshift objective marker. Just follow her until it's all over, then get ready for the Tahir boss fight.

Hint: Tahir will do the stand up thing and fight Crane one on one... for awhile. Once he starts to lose he'll call in some backup.

The Tahir boss fight isn't that bad. It involves a lot of dodging, both in terms of his big wind ups for melee strikes and anything that he decides to throw at Crane. To cause damage to this guy, dodge his melee attack as mentioned, then hit him with a few retaliation shots before moving out of range once again. He'll actually take quite a bit of damage before calling for backup.

We found Tahir's minions to be worse than him, since there are four of them and Crane is stuck with only melee attacks. Try to maintain a hit and run mentality, striking quickly and then backing off to avoid any incoming damage. When all four are down, give Tahir a violent sneer and get back to the primary business at hand, repeating the stick and move formula until the big dumb lug is down.

Leave the museum and grab Crane's stuff. There's a tiny bit of opposition to worry about, but with a gun in hand it's nothing to even blink an eye at. Once clear of the area, look for a waypoint on the map and head to it in order to meet Troy and complete the mission.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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