Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Title: Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 12: Broadcast - Access Card

This mission will take gamers back to the long, drawn out experiences that made up the early part of the game, but this one can be made easier with a flight, not fight mentality. That line of thinking begins right away, as players must use the sewer to reach the radio tower. The objective should be clearly marked on the map, and traveling to it will see it completed.

Once inside the sewers gamers will need to find the underground path to the radio tower, but it's as simple as moving forward along a fairly linear route, at least until the zombie child shows up to throw a wrench in Kyle Crane's plans. Be sure to hush (or kill) it as quickly as possible to prevent its screams from drawing too much attention from other nearby infected. Be sure to kill and loot whatever zombie scum do show up, as there are bound to be at least a few.

Hint: The zombies in the sewers are not infinite, and therefore killing them all is an option, although running away is often the faster path to completion.

As players are moving forward they will reach a room with Virals and Volatiles in it. Stay perched up, killing them from a distance with whatever firearm is currently available. Look for explosive barrels that can be used to cause massive casualties, then head to the south side of the room where a lone enemy was previously standing. It's that way that players must go, but they'll hook around and return to the same room to progress forward. Look for a series of pipes and platforms that can be used to cross over to a door high up on the west side.

With that room finally in the rearview mirror, it's a fairly straight shot to the end of the lengthy objective. If zombie guts are an option, rub them all over and sprint through the gauntlet that awaits Mr. Crane. If guts aren't an option, just run for it. Combat can be used, but there's no point beyond ranking up the Power skill or hoping to get some spare change from the undead's pockets.

Hint: Players can survive jumps from high locations by aiming for garbage piles below.

After players jump down from the sewer exit it will be on to search the containers. This places two waypoints on the map, and each one is a shaded zone that can be searched. Head to the first one and get busy, killing or avoiding the enemies there as necessary. If Crane makes a remark about how there is nothing to find, head out for the second zone.

Of course we found the access card in the second shaded area, but that doesn't mean other players will. We're still not sure if the game forces the access card into the zone that players search last, or if they can skip right to it. Either way, the second zone was crawling with pretty tough opposition, but they can all be taken on from a distance. Use guns to take out the Demolishers in the area, then focus on the lower level guys that are lurking about. When it's all done, search until the access card has been found.

Hint: Demolishers give off a huge amount of Power experience, so killing them for only that reason is valid. They can be avoided if players would rather speed through this part.

With the keycard in hand, players now need to enter the power substation, something that is a fairly short distance away. It does contain two Goons, however, and they should be killed to make life easier in the coming moments. Clear the area and search the bodies for loot, then head to the door where one Goon was standing next to a building and use the access card to get inside.

Once inside the building, move through to the other side and turn on the transformer, then head to the tower where a Goon was previously lurking about and turn on the control panel. There will be some more enemies to take out, but from there it's time to climb up the tower and hook up the amplifier. It's one of those climbs that will make players think, but there is always a logical next step. Gamers should take their time as they ascend toward the objective marker.

Hint: Don't climb back down. Use a zip line to return to the ground level after hooking up the amplifier.

When players are back on the ground, head to the tunnel to return to Old Town. There are zombies standing around, but they should be simple enough to free run past. The mission will end when players finish a conversation with Dr. Camden.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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