Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Title: Dying Light Walkthrough Mission 13: The Clinic - Dr. Camden

The first objective of the mission will be to let Camden examine Zere's infected samples, but really it's just about moving to the waypoint on the map. After crawling under a partially closed security door Dr. Camden will check in and let Crane know he can see him on the building's surveillance cameras. No, that's not even a little bit creepy.

The mission really isn't that hard, but requires a bit of problem solving when it comes to reaching Dr. Camden's location. Start off by locating two shaded areas on the map, then enter them and look up. After finding a roof vent, crawl in and move through to the security office to open the door.

Hint: There aren't a lot of zombies in this level, but the tight spaces can be problematic. Zombie guts are a good way to sneak past some sketchy parts of the mission.

The objective will soon update and ask players to find the lab storage, and then to find a way into the generator room. Neither are that hard and are as easy as crawling through some vents and following the on-screen waypoints. Things do get tricky when Crane reaches a room full of the undead, including a Goon, but it's a problem that a few well placed bullets can solve. With the room clear, raise the forklift and continue on to find the generator room. Just be careful about the hallway that separates the two rooms, it contains a Demolisher that can mess a man up in short order. Use speed to avoid having to deal with it at all.

Restore the power source by firing up the generators just across the hall from the room that the Goon was hanging out in, then backtrack all the way to the decontamination room that Crane was stuck in earlier in the mission. Run the decontamination process to kill all the zombies in the adjacent room, then continue forward to meet up with Camden for the first time. It's a fairly lengthy conversation, but it's cool to finally put a face to the name.

Tip: There are some pretty solid loot options in the clinic, so don't be afraid to wander around a bit and make sure Crane is properly geared up before leaving.

The final objective of the mission is to contact the GRE, but first return to the lobby of the clinic where Crane first entered. If it's night time, stay inside and wait for day to arrive, then look for the waypoint on the map and head in that direction.

If players are really brave they can choose to risk it and go out at night, which will result in some additional experience if they are able to survive the night, or even a night pursuit. Whatever option is chosen, the mission will end after a brief chat with the fools who run the GRE, which leaves only the final mission of the game and the boss battle against Rais.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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