Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Dying Light Mission 3 Walkthrough: Airdrop - Night Pursuit

The third mission of Dying Light will begin with a familiar objective, one that has players climbing up on something tall and contacting the GRE. Take a look at the map for a waypoint that shows a good location, then scurry up and enjoy the conversation.

When the brief check-in is over it's off to handle the task at hand, which is to look for an airdrop in the Cauldron area. Head for the objective marker until reaching a shaded area of the map, locating the airdrop on top of a tall building. Unfortunately, these aren't the droids goods players are looking for.

Hint: We've said it before and we'll say it again - Take a moment to secure as many Safe Zones as possible while completing other main story missions and side quests. There should be an opportunity to fortify at least two in the next few minutes, one of which might save Crane's life sooner rather than later.

The Cauldron crate turns out to be empty, but a new objective will send players searching the locations of two more drops. Follow the waypoint to the first only to find out it's been snatched up by someone else, then head off for the second. This one will be guarded by a couple of zombies, but it's nothing that players can't handle with a little melee action. When the zone is clear, salvage the vials of Antizin from the drop to complete the objective.

With Antizin in hand, another unfortunate conversation with the GRE will leave Crane in a bad mood, but things are about to get worse with the introduction of two of the scariest enemies in the game, Virals and Volatiles. They only come out at night, and unlike the lower level zombies that appear during the day, these ones can run and climb at a pace that matches our hero, Mr. Crane.

Hint: Virals and Volatiles show up on the map, along with their areas of detection. Use advanced free running and parkour to break their line of sight, then turn off Crane's flashlight and avoid them using stealth. Reach the nearest Safe Zone to end the chase and survive the night.

The current and final major objective of the mission will be to return to the Tower, and it's actually not that difficult even with Virals and Volatiles close behind. A Safe Zone would be ideal, but getting a taste of what a night pursuit is like won't hurt to battle harden players a little. Outrun these freaks of the darkness, returning to either the Tower or a nearby Safe Zone.

Whether he opts to stop at a Safe Zone first or go directly to the Tower, when that objective is complete the last one is as simple as taking an elevator ride to the 19th floor, then reporting the details of the previous evening to Brecken. The next mission will start almost immediately, but it would be a good idea to visit some of the Tower's vendors to make sure Crane is fully geared up. Killing zombies and searching their bodies yields cash, and that cash can be used to buy bigger and better toys to destroy the skulls of the undead scum that stand his way.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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