Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Dying Light Mission 5 Walkthrough: Siblings - Bolter Tissue Sample

Welcome to perhaps the longest mission of the game, and it all starts off with another liesurely walk out on the streets of Harran. Free run to the waypoint on the map, stopping only if players spot a Safe Zone that can be secured for future use.

After meeting up with Jade, look for a door that sits on the southwest side of the school. It won't let Kyle in, but it will prompt his companion to give him some alternate ideas. Take note of a new objective marker, then gain entry to the building.

Hint: Watch out for the Bomber just inside the door. A good strategy is to get somewhat close to it, then run away before it can explode.

Enter the school and start looking for Antizin, but don't be shy about grabbing any other loot that Crane happens to find laying around. There should be lots of it, which is good because the following few objectives introduce a large dose of combat against human opposition. That part begins shortly after passing through a room with several body bags on the floor, and can be made much easier if players picked up the Police Rifle in the previous mission.

Continue working through the school and hoards of human enemies until reaching an area of the map that is shaded. That's where the alarm can be turned off to complete an objective, but there is still a lot more fighting to be done. Keep moving forward and killing anything that moves, stopping to search for supplies if the opportunity presents itself.

Hint: When players reach a security office they will want to load up on guns. While the last mission only gave players one, this mission should introduce a few more.

After a short chat with Jade players will need to snag a key from a locker and meet her in Storage C. There are a lot more zombies in the way, but most of them will be slow moving and can be easily avoided for those that don't wish to get bogged down in prolonged fights. The only areas to watch out for are when heading down the stairwell, as well as when they reach the bottom. There will be two Bombers to deal with, something that is much easier with a firearm. When the path is clear, head to the waypoint to complete the objective and meet up with Jade.

Following a cut scene it will be time to battle a few more human enemies. Melee is a very tough way to go here, but a gun can deal with the threats in short order. Shoot these fools and then leave the school as instructed. It's then that players will be introduced to a much more passive type of infected than they're used to seeing, a Bolter.

Hint: Bolters will only come out at night and will almost always run from Crane. Because their tissue is valuable players are encouraged to sneak up and take them out with headshots if possible.

Now that players have seen a Bolter they can head back to the Tower. If it's night time (which it is) it might be a good idea to stay over at a Safe House. Either way, head for the waypoint on the map and then talk to Dr. Zere about the Bolters that Crane spotted. This will introduce a new objective that requires him to get a tissue sample from one of them.

In order to snag a sample of a Bolter players will need to go out at night, but luckily there's one hanging out near the Tower. Locate it using the map, then sneak up to it and get the sample (murder it). From here it's very likely that a night pursuit will be triggered, but the trip back to either the Tower or Dr. Zere's Safe Zone is a very short one.

Hint: Most of the good loot in Harran is found in locked rooms, vehicles and chests. Visit the Tower vendors regularly and see if they have some to spare.

Reasonable people would expect that this mission would actually be two given the length, but it turns out there's several more major objectives to complete. In fact, it took us two or three in-game days to complete this since we decided to head for the overpass to find Rahim once morning arrived. Of course he wasn't there, which is why we then made our way to the train yard to search for him.

Rahim will be hiding in one of the train cars, but before getting to him players will need to kill all the infected that surround it. This is not a job for a melee weapon, but rather one for a gun or even explosives. However gamers decide to go about it, clear the area and then make contact with Jade's brother.

Hint: Look for exploding barrels or infected that are in decontamination suits with oxygen tanks. Shooting these can cause them to explode and take out multiple infected in the area.

Head for the Volatile's nest where Rahim has asked Crane to plant the bombs. There will be a lot of opportunities to fight along the way, but free running allows players to shave time off of an already inappropriately long mission. Just look for the waypoints on the map, locate them and plant the two bombs. When that's done, get clear of the building and backtrack to the train car where Rahim was hiding out. The final objective will be to return to the Tower, something that shouldn't require much assistance.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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