Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Survive night pursuits and boss fights to help Kyle Crane survive a post apocalyptic Harran.

Dying Light Mission 6 Walkthrough: The Pit - Win the Demolisher Boss Fight

The game's sixth mission will begin immediately following the conclusion of the fifth, and it features the first boss fight. It's a hectic and challenging adventure, but one that players should be able to conquer with a little bit of our help.

There's a timer on the screen that requires players make their way to Dr. Zere, but for us it disappeared when we arrived in the Safe Zone. What we did find, however, was four human thugs that Rais sent to make life difficult. Guns are a good option here, but it's not impossible with melee.

Hint: For players that don't have a gun, try to kill one of the thugs quietly in order to make the rest of the fight easier.

It turns out that Dr. Zere was kidnapped by Rais, but the event is no longer timed. We headed back to the Tower to wait until morning, but brave players can feel free to go find Dr. Zere under the cover of darkness if they prefer.

Head to Rais' compound and move around to the north side, climbing up on a van and jumping to some balconies. The ultimate goal is to reach the roof, but this is where it all begins. Players should take their time and plan each move carefully, as the path to the top isn't always easy to see. The only part that makes it easier is the fact that it's fairly linear, meaning that there is normally one logical move to make in order to keep progressing forward.

Hint: Some guards on the ground can spot Crane as he's climbing. Be sure to keep a low profile.

The rooftop will contain a couple of guards, but careful assassins should be able to take them both out without alerting anyone, then make entry through a roof hatch in one of the rooms. Shortly after a chat with the GRE will be in order, but then it's on to the task of fighting through a hoard of Rais' guards as players try to track down Dr. Zere.

The objective will be clearly marked on the map, but so will be the position of the human enemies that stand in the way. Be sure to grab all the loot that can be stuffed into Crane's pockets, but also study the movements and patrol patterns of his enemies. Wait for an opportunity to take out a guard silently, then do so and move on to the next. Continue to repeat this until the objective updates and instructs gamers to get to the parking garage. If things don't go as planned, just shoot everybody.

Hint: The Takedown skill that is found in the Power tree can be perfect for this mission, although it is very unlikely that players will have access to it at this point on their first play through. Consider this a tip for those who are planning to try New Game+ at some point.

Keep working from one objective marker to the next with the shoot and move formula in mind. Stealth is fine, but so are some well placed headshots from any rifle. It's also worth noting that most enemies will drop a bit of ammunition, and maybe even a rare gun. This gives Crane a much better option for burning through the foes that stand in his way.

The Demolisher Boss Fight

After making it through the parking garage it will be time for the mission's final boss fight, and that is initiated by picking up the weapon that Rais drops down to Crane. The next step is to spend a few moments running around the area and snagging up any weapons that are laying about, paying particular attention to anything that can be thrown.

As soon as the lower level zombie enemies begin to spawn, start taking them out with some melee strikes, but if at all possible try to kick or throw them into spiked objects around the map. This will help to conserve resources for the big guy and his Viral and Volatile buddies that make things a huge pain. Once all the zombies are dead, the Demolisher will make his presence known.

Hint: Save the ranged weapons for the Virals and Volatiles that join the fight part way through. Jump up onto a shipping container for a bit of safety, then hit them with anything that can be thrown.

The trick to beating the Demolisher is to use movement to avoid his attacks, then strike back when he's off balance. The Dodge skill is perfect here. Wait for him to attack, then dodge out of the way and start putting some melee strikes while his back is still turned. Keep repeating this process until he spawns some minions to help him out.

Once the Virals and Volatiles are in the mix, ignore the Demolisher except for when it's necessary to get out of his way. Focus entirely on killing the far more threatening foes that have recently joined the fight, using ranged weapons as much as possible. As mentioned above, hopping on a shipping container isn't a bad option either. When all the enemies are gone, finish of the Demolisher and enjoy the cut scene.

Hint: The way out of Rais' compound is actually pretty easy. Pay attention to the environment to get clear hints of what way the game wants players to travel.

It's time to run, and as we just mentioned, the path is fairly easy to follow. Just take the most logical route to escape from Rais, keeping in mind that there is a good chance the enemy will land a few lucky shots. Once the pursuit is over Crane will start to experience some discomfort, but the trip back to the Tower shouldn't be nearly as difficult as the boss fight. Just keep heading for the objective to see the mission through to its completion.

Feel free to use the page numbers below to move on to the next chapter, or head back to our free Dying Light walkthrough to see a list of all the main story missions.

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