Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Brings Musou Tactics to PS4 & Vita on Jan 31

Koei Tecmo America bringing Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden to our shores.

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Koei Tecmo America have announced the release of Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers in North America. The title is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 31, 2017. Godseekers is the English release of the tactics strategy game known as Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden in Japan.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers stars young warrior Zhao Yun, his childhood friend Lei Bin, and Lixia, a young girl that the pair find sealed within a shrine. 61 classic Dynatsy Warrior characters will fight alongside Zhao Yun.

"The tyranny and ruin brought on by the despot Dong Zhuo, the chaos wrought by warlords struggling for power and the Battle of Chibi that tore the continent in three," explains the game's official website. "This is the story of Zhao Yun and his allies as they travel through the maelstrom of the Three Kingdoms-era China, meeting countless great heroes and growing into heroes themselves. Their journey will lead to a legendary battle, which will echo down through the very annals of history."

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers will be a digital release on both platforms.

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