E3 2014: Platinum's Bayonetta Port is Shockingly Comprehensive for a Freebie

Platinum's pack-in is a welcome anomaly in the Age of the Remaster.

Analysis by Kat Bailey, .

When news first hit that Platinum would be packing the original Bayonetta in with the sequel on the Wii U, my immediate thought was that it would be a comparatively basic port designed to satiate fans. Boy, was I wrong.

According to Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto, the port will include all of the bells and whistles of the sequel, including Wii U gamepad support and touchscreen functionality. And as shown in the demo, it will also include special costumes based on Nintendo characters like Link and Samus.

"That was something that Mr. Kamiya wanted," Hashimoto said with a smile. "He drove us a little crazy with his demands."

The now completed port has been in the works for roughly a year and a half now, and was first conceived with the blessing of Nintendo. According to Hashimoto, the reasoning was simple: "We thought it would be awesome to let fans play both on the same console."

Platinum ended up outsourcing much of the project to a little-known studio based in Osaka called Bee Tribe, with "every aspect of its development" being overseen by Kamiya. The result might well be the definitive version of the original game, and it's being packed in with Bayonetta for absolutely nothing (assuming that you buy it at retail). By pretty much any measure, it's an incredible value.

In this day and age, it's also an unfortunate anomaly. After years of being nickel and dimed, I feel like we've all become kind of accustomed to getting shaken down by large publishers. But according to Hashimoto, all of Bayonetta 2's content will be available right out of the box. There will be no DLC whatsoever.

"I feel like there's enough content there for one and a half games," Hashimoto boasts.

It's kind of sad that I'm so surprised by Platinum's approach, but that's just the world we live in these days. Most publishers wouldn't think twice about putting a comprehensive port like Bayonetta on sale for $39.99. Plenty of others would pack in one or two of the Nintendo-themed outfits, and sell the rest as DLC content. Maybe I'm being too cynical, but in the Year of the Remaster, generosity on this level is almost unheard of. I'm almost wondering what the catch is.

At the end of the day, I suppose this could be construed as a calculated attempt by Platinum to compensate for the Wii U's low install base and move copies of Bayonetta 2. But even if that's true, it's great to see them going above and beyond with the port. For fans of the series, it is now an essential purchase.

I'll admit, I'm surprised. I would think that a small studio like Platinum would want to squeeze every possible dime out of a project that has been in the works for more than two years. But then, I suppose the goodwill of its fans is also a big part of the equation. And more than most, Platinum seems determined to pack as much value into its games as humanly possible.

"We don't know when to stop," Hashimoto says with a shrug. "There's so much we want to do. We're just greedy."

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  • Avatar for SpoonyBardOL #1 SpoonyBardOL 3 years ago
    Wow, this is some interesting news. I've been sitting on a copy of Bayonetta for the PS3 that I haven't touched yet, besides playing the first 30 minutes or so (liked it, but I got distracted by other games at the time) and now I'm wondering if I should just wait and pick it up on Wii-U and play it then.

    We're sure it's retail-only though? If we download Bayonetta 2 on the eShop we won't be getting the first game?
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #2 Mega_Matt 3 years ago
    Well they have my money. I've never played the first game so this looks like a good place for me to start.

    I hope this works out for them because putting in this much effort deserves to be recognized. When a developer does things like this it makes me want to support them even more than I normally would.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #3 VotesForCows 3 years ago
    I'm in the unfortunate position where I feel like I need to buy a Wii U for this one game. I was devestated when I heard the sequel would be Nintendo exclusive!
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #4 cldmstrsn 3 years ago
    @Anjaneya You should buy a Wii U for this one/two games, cause there are tons more games coming for the U!
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  • Avatar for aaronpinsley40 #5 aaronpinsley40 3 years ago
    Being that's it's not included with the eshop version of bayonetta 2, I have to assume that at some point they'll sell the port of the original separately.
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  • Avatar for Feanor #6 Feanor 3 years ago
    I hope it's locked at 60fps and has no tearing. Even the 360 version wasn't perfect.
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  • Avatar for Corran123 #7 Corran123 3 years ago
    @SpoonyBardOL I would recommend to wait for the Wii U version. The PS3 version is a pretty bad port with some annoying frame rate issues, considering the game (just like its sequel) is supposed to be played with 60 fps.
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  • Avatar for docexe #8 docexe 3 years ago
    This might be a ploy to get more sales by offering more value, but dammit, it has convinced me of getting the console earlier (better yet, it’s the month of my birthday).

    And really, if you are fan of Bayonetta and/or Platinum you should probably buy a copy even if you don’t plan of buying the Wii U. Studios like this just deserve the support.
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  • Avatar for docexe #9 docexe 3 years ago
    @SpoonyBardOL What@Corran123 said. Besides it suffers from some atrocious loading times.
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  • Avatar for jrronimo #10 jrronimo 3 years ago
    This is such wonderful news! It really endears Platinum to me even further. I liked what I played of B1, but now I look forward to playing it all over on Wii U!
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #11 brionfoulke91 3 years ago
    It's normally right to be cynical. Most publishers would never allow this kind of thing. But Nintendo happens to be one of the good ones, and Platinum is a studio that loves gamers and loves games. It's all over their work. I'm not surprised at all by their generosity. They really are one of the gems of the industry!
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  • Avatar for jaydubnb #12 jaydubnb 3 years ago
    I was initially concerned about the Nintendo Platinum partnership, but it's shaped up to be a great pairing. The Wonderful 101 was a ton of fun, and Bayo 2 will be a day-one purchase. I just wish Anarchy Reigns has a Wii U port or sequel. I logged toooo many hours playing that game.
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