Nintendo Direct E3 2018 Live Blog - June 12, 9 am PT

Follow all Nintendo's E3 announcements right here as we live blog the Nintendo E3 direct, including Super Smash Bros. Switch.

Article by Tom Orry, .

Nintendo doesn't hold an E3 press conference any more, but it is most definitely at the huge event and plans to show off new titles. A pre-recorded Nintendo Direct will be aired that will showcase the Switch games you'll be able to play before the end of 2018. This line-up will include Super Smash Bros. Switch. Follow all the announcements from Nintendo's E3 Direct on our live blog.

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Nintendo E3 2018 Press Conference (Nintendo Direct)

We'll be live blogging the entire Nintendo Direct, but please join us a little before the times below in order to soak in the pre-Nintendo Direct atmosphere before the big event begins. We know Smash Bros. Switch is going to feature, but will Nintendo make any surprise announcements? Just below the live blog you'll find the Nintendo Direct E3 live stream video.

  • June 12 - 9 am PT
  • June 12 - 12 pm, ET
  • June 12 - 5 pm BST

We hope you enjoyed our E3 Nintendo Direct live blog and will come back for more of our E3 2018 coverage over the week ahead.

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar 3 months ago
    Cool beans.
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #2 jeffcorry 3 months ago
    The New Fire Emblem game looks really interesting to me. Probably my most interested title shown.
    Still holding out some hope for a glimpse of Metroid Prime 4 at some point during E3...
    As well as information on possible Gamecube ports...
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  • Avatar for Captain-Oppositional #3 Captain-Oppositional 3 months ago
    And we still have no firm release date for Dark Souls on Switch.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #4 NiceGuyNeon 3 months ago
    The new Fire Emblem looks like it'll be interesting. AND OF COURSE AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A MARIO PARTY CUZ A MARIO PARTY LASTS 50 TURNS amirite?

    Just inject Smash directly into my veins now pls.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #5 donkeyintheforest 3 months ago
    Maybe they cut Star Fox racing after reading all the haters in the comments to avoid a metroid federation force backlash. I hope if it actually was a thing they didn't cancel it though cause it could be sooooo coooool
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