E3 2018 Rumors - Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodborne 2, Halo Infinity, and More

E3 2018 Rumors - Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodborne 2, Halo Infinity, and More

Every big E3 2018 rumor, from Bloodborne 2, to Cyberpunk 2077

E3 is upon us once again. It's a time of PR blunders, devastating leaks, and a ton of fervid fan speculation. Most years end up keeping most of their surprises a secret, but there's always plenty of rumors leading up to the event, many of which do in fact turn out to be true. So far this year we've seen a slew of tantalizing rumors, from small hints dropped in interviews, to huge data dumps of embargoed information. We've sifted through all of the hints, leaks, rumors and speculation to bring you a definitive list of E3 2018 rumors. We'll also comment on just how likely each of them are, from practically guaranteed,to never in a million years.

We've also been busy collecting everything you need to know about each E3 2018 Press Conference in our E3 2018 Press Conference Guide. You'll find stream times, links and what you can expect from each one.

E3 2018 Leaks - What Games are Rumored for E3 2018

So far this year there has been plenty of leaks to give us an idea as to what to expect this E3. Many of them have been followed up by official announcements, like Rage 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, so we won't be including them here. These are the biggest E3 2018 leaks.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

One of the most substantial E3 leaks so far is a leaked document said to have been provided to someone making showroom displays for the event. The document lists several new Nintendo Switch titles including DragonBall FighterZ, Killer Queen Black, Overcooked 2 and more. Most notable is the inclusion of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, a rumor which has been given further weight by a recent listing by a Korean ratings board.

You can check out the full roster of leaked Nintendo Switch titles below. In terms of credibility, this one seems real. Fortnite has been long-rumored for Nintendo Switch and the extra ratings board clue makes things a lot more likely. The other games are all reasonable options too, given that FIFA 19 and Mario Tennis Aces are confirmed and listed amongst them. For all of the timings of Nintendo's E3 events, head to our E3 2018 Nintendo Press Conference Guide.

Walmart Canada Leak - Just Cause 4, Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3 E3 2018 Rumors

The biggest leak for E3 2018 so far has been the online listings posted by Walmart Canada last month. The retailer put up several placeholder product pages for a ton of games, many of which have yet to be announced. This list includes Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4, Rage 2, Splinter Cell and more. It prompted Bethesda to unveil Rage 2 early, and features many titles which have since been confirmed to be the real deal.

Since the leak, LEGO DC Supervillains, Assassin's Creed and Rage 2 have all been confirmed, adding weight to the leak as a whole. Even so, we're still cautious about many of the titles featured. For a start, Forza Horizon 5 seems to be a typo, given that the fourth entry hasn't even been announced yet. There's also the Dragon Quest 2 listing, which in fairness could be a shortened title for Dragon Quest Builders 2, which is expected to be detailed at E3 this year. We'll have to wait and see with this one but given how some of the titles have now been confirmed, it could be legit after all.

Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018

Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming game from Witcher developers CD Projekt RED has got to be one of the most hotly anticipated games in the minds of gamers everywhere. So far we've seen very little, with only a short reveal trailer and a few bits of concept art to tide us over. Many are pointing to E3 2018 for more details on the upcoming sci-fi RPG, something which a recent listing on the event's website has backed up. The listing revealed that the studio would be showing an RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC, though it has since been taken down. It's most likely that this is indeed referring to Cyberpunk 2077, though it is possible it could be a different project entirely. Given the recent Twitter activity though, we're betting on the game being at E3 2018.

Hitman 2 E3 2018 Leak

This one is likely to be announced before the conference, but recently WB Games tweeted a teaser trailer featuring a car known to be featured in the Hitman series. This was after the game's logo was spotted on the company's website. All signs point to this one being true, with the official reveal planned for Thursday June 7 at 10am PT.

It'll likely be a continuation of IO Interactive's Hitman Season One, which originally had an episodic rollout back in 2016.

Sony PlayStation E3 2018 Leak - Bloodborne 2, FF7 Remake, Devil May Cry 5

Now onto some Sony rumors. A 4Chan user recently posted an internal memo which supposedly detailed Sony's upcoming press conference. It features several unannounced games including DmC 5, Bloodborne 2 and PUBG PS4. These are all likely bets, given that Devil May Cry 5 has been rumored for a long time, and Bloodborne's performance almost certainly warranted a sequel, but we're just not sure about a showing at this year's E3.

There are a handful of PSVR titles in there too including a Resident Evil 2 VR mode, and VR Bioshock title of some sort. This rumor seems a little too good to be true, and given the way the list is presented there's a strong chance it's a fake. We'll have to wait and see to know for certain.

Halo Infinity E3 2018 Rumor

It's been three years since the last mainline Halo game, so the time is right for a new one to be announced. A rumor regarding the Halo franchise has popped up recently via IT industry insider Brad Sams. He took to Twitter to reveal that a new Halo game would be revealed at E3, called Halo Infinity. This leak is to be taken with a grain of salt, though Sams has been known to have sources close to Microsoft that would know this kind of information. We'll update with more sources when we get them.

That's all of the big E3 2018 leaks that we've seen so far, we'll be updating with more as we get them, as we're likely to see more as we edge closer to the event. In the meantime, be sure to check out our the E3 announcements we want to see the most.

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