EA CEO Andrew Wilson Says Anthem is on a "Seven to Ten Year Cycle" and Will Remain Committed Despite Rough Start

EA CEO Andrew Wilson Says Anthem is on a "Seven to Ten Year Cycle" and Will Remain Committed Despite Rough Start

Anthem players don't feel very reassured, however.

Anthem has been in rough waters. The game mostly skipped E3 2019, instead focusing on the Cataclysm event to try and rally support among its player base with new content. It certainly hasn't been roaring success, but CEO Andrew Wilson says BioWare remains committed.

In an interview with GameDailyBiz, Wilson suggests Anthem could be similar to another rough EA launch, Star Wars Battlefront II. The core, he says, makes it easy to keep investing in Anthem.

“IP lives for generations, and runs in these seven to ten year cycles," Wilson told GDB. "So, if I think about Anthem on a seven to ten year cycle, it may not have had the start that many of us wanted, including our players. I feel like that team is really going to get there with something special and something great, because they've demonstrated that they can.”

He goes on to mention BioWare's long history in the industry, and reiterated BioWare's own commitment to the game. "The teams at BioWare will continue to come to work every day and listen to their players old and new and seek to deliver on the promises they've made to those players," says Wilson. "That's what you're seeing with Anthem today."

Response from the playerbase to Wilson's comments hasn't been warm. On the game's subreddit, players have been picking apart quotes and seem frustrated with how disconnected this response feels. "There's no way anyone actually thinks of Anthem as being on a seven to ten year cycle in its current state," writes one player.

While Cataclysm hopes to turn things around, Anthem seems set on repeating Destiny's history. From odd bugs to a pretty tepid response to Cataclysm so far, the road ahead for Anthem is not easy, but Wilson seems set on treading it.

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