EA Motive Is Working on "Several Unannounced Projects" Following Launch of Star Wars: Squadrons

EA Motive Is Working on "Several Unannounced Projects" Following Launch of Star Wars: Squadrons

The studio's looking to make something "aspirational."

The space dogfighting sim Star Wars: Squadrons, which came out last week, was developed by Electronic Arts' Motive studio. And according to the studio's general manager, there's still more on the horizon for Motive.

In an update from Motive GM Patrick Klaus, he says the studio is "encouraging innovation and calculated risk-taking" in its approach to game development. This approach is also denoted by an updated logo for Motive, and apparently, several new projects are already in the works.

"In addition to Star Wars: Squadrons, we're also working on several unannounced projects," Klaus writes.

Motive has been quietly working behind-the-scenes at Electronic Arts for a while, notably contributing to DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Though it has faced a few roadbumps in seeing its games out the door, it sounds like working on Star Wars: Squadrons has been the right launch-off point for Motive's future.

And Squadrons, on its own, definitely seems like it worked out well. Star Wars: Squadrons impressed us with its engaging space dogfighting and elaborate cockpits. As a spiritual successor to X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter, it certainly managed to keep the spirit alive. Where Motive heads next will be interesting to see, whether it's still set in a galaxy far, far away or in something altogether new for the studio. Speaking to IGN, Klaus says it will be a mix of both.

Klaus says Motive is striving to make "aspirational games that push the boundaries of what players expect now and into the future." With a new console generation on the way, this certainly seems like the right time to do so.

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