EA Play's E3 2019 Streams are Being Delayed

EA Play's E3 2019 Streams are Being Delayed

This should free up your Friday a bit.

Electronic Arts had already announced they were forgoing a traditional press conference in favor of a streaming showcase of their games at EA Play. But those official livestreams have been moved from Friday, June 7 to the following day.

Through an update in the middle of an announcement about ticket availability, EA said it's decided to put all of its livestreams on Saturday, June 8, so "fans will have a full slate of streams that will take you inside the games and new content, all on one day." The prior Friday event will now be the kickoff for Saturday.

June 8 to June 9 is the EA Play Fanfest, an open-to-all free event for attendees in the Los Angeles area to check out what new games EA has in store. We already know some of what EA has been working on, like Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and a new, "premium" Titanfall experience, on top of existing games like Apex Legends. What EA shows up to LA with could still be anyone's guess, though.

While EA has been doing its own thing for E3 for a while now, this marks part of a broader trend around E3. Sony is skipping E3 entirely, and EA's focus seems to be more on a fan-driven turnout than an industry one.

The exact schedule has yet to be revealed for EA Play, but we'll learn more as we approach the big event. You can track all of the E3 conferences and happenings over on our E3 2019 schedule.

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