EA Predicts Built-In Consoles for Smart TVs in 10 Years

Another publisher predicts a stream-based future for video games.

Big publishers are starting to talk about what a post-console future might look like including EA which recently said that video games could move beyond consoles and to more ubiquitous technology like Smart TVs.

In a new interview with GamesIndustry.biz, EA executive vice president Matt Bilbey believes that TVs that can stream games might make traditional consoles obsolete in 10 years. "The console makers are smart groups. I think they'll find new roles that consoles can play in people's lives And it could be that the console actually exists in the smart TV," says Bilbey. "Or the next PlayStation just exists on your phone, and that then pushes the experience to all the different screens you have access to."

Battlefield V

Talk of video games delivered via streaming has been slowly bubbling for a while. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also suggested that the next console generation could be the last before streaming, and Microsoft is reportedly working on a streaming game console right now. Bilbey is suggesting that video games can skip consoles altogether and exist directly inside the TV.

"In five year time, people will still have [consoles], I imagine, just out of retro [sentiment]. They look good. But in 10 years, they will be in one of the other devices you have."

Bilbey talks a lot about EA's future focus. Sensing content creation as another avenue for growth, Bilbey revealed that EA's Frostbite Engine is being evolved to allow for content creation. Bilbey cites the user-generated content on YouTube his children consome.

"I think more and more, that will happen. Working with [EA chief design officer] Patrick [Söderlund] and his team, if we're able to give accessibility and a level of creation within our games for kids or adults to create their own content, I think that's probably a bigger opportunity over the next 10 years than us saying we're going to do a PvZ movie," Says Bilbey. "And [EA chief technology officer] Ken Moss and his team are looking at how we can continue to evolve Frostbite to allow that creation opportunity for our games."

So, based on Bilbey's words, it seems like EA is looking in the same direction as Ubisoft and Microsoft in terms of streaming video games. EA recently released a subscription service for their online launcher EA Origin Access Premier, which lets players play full versions of new EA games as long as their subscription service is active.

EA is also getting ready to release BioWare's Anthem a live sci-fi game geared as a game as service. You can check out our Anthem guide here for the latest news.

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