Eager Granblue Fantasy: Versus Players Are Already Dissecting Foreign Versions of the Game

Eager Granblue Fantasy: Versus Players Are Already Dissecting Foreign Versions of the Game

No time to lab like the present.

Fandom has a way of knocking down obstacles that would impede most other people, and in a digital world, it's remarkably easier to import and play games released in other regions. That's why right now, a click over to Twitch's section for Granblue Fantasy: Versus will bring up dozens of streamers playing the game, even though it's not out in North America for a few more weeks.

While it may not be out yet in the states, several other versions from other regions are out. And while some streamers are Japan-based competitors, often fighting game pros who are training up, a number of others are in the U.S., either playing in Japanese or using another region's version that has English as a language option. (The Japanese version does not have an English option, as of the time of this writing.)

Why are people so excited to get their hands on this game? Some of it is the property; while it hasn't come stateside yet, it's fairly easy to play Granblue Fantasy—an extremely popular mobila gacha game—if you go looking for it, so a fighting game based on it has some pull.

For the fighting game crowd, it's a new game. It's been a while since the most recent fighting game launch, and this one carries some weight as an Arc System Works fighting game, the same company that makes Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and the excellent Dragon Ball FighterZ. It's also set to be on the main stage of Evo 2020, so competitive potential is high.

But Granblue Fantasy: Versus also looks like it's doing some really interesting things. Its tutorial mode seems fairly robust, and it has a glossary filled with often esoteric fighting game terminology laid out in plain-spoken but knowlegeable language. It also looks gorgeous, and the fighters all seem to have their own quirks and abilities. There is some really impressive, also daunting tech out there already.

We'll have more of our own thoughts on Granblue Fantasy: Versus closer to release, Right now, you can head over to one of the various Twitch channels streaming it and get an idea of just how the game plays.

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