Players are Reporting Major Bugs and Glitches With WWE 2K18's MyCareer Mode

Graphical glitches are the norm in a WWE game. Broken modes? Not so much.

It's not even officially out yet, but WWE 2K18 has already amassed an impressive list of glitches and bugs as reported by players who have early access thanks to purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

Over at NeoGAF, a lengthy post from user "Hasney" breaks down some of the hilarious glitches that were occurring in the general gameplay for WWE2K18. These include usual suspects like faulty collision issues with the equipment box or broken character models. A bulk of these issues are captured in a YouTube video by New Legacy Inc.

WWE 2K18 glitch

However, Hasney also reported having severe issues with the MyCareer mode where he listed the various glitches plaguing his first and second year. Over the course of the MyCareer mode Hasney encountered failure on the game's part to cache certain choices. So rivals and partners were never remembered by the game so WWE 2K18 ended up assigning these roles to other wrestlers at random.

Side quests also seem to be broken and scripted moments sometimes lead to narrative dead ends. Hasney writes, "At one scripted moment, you're convincing another wrestler to be your partner, but instead, your rival comes out and cuts a promo asking why they should be your partner instead."

Hasney's second year issues were no better. In one Money in the Bank fight, Hasney ended up with a match that faced their custom character against itself. Rather than having the custom character opponent controlled by an AI, Hasney ended up having control over both characters at the same time which they captured in this gif.

WWE 2K18 custom character vs custom character

While Hasney notes that glitches and bugs in a WWE 2K game aren't anything new, the issues with MyCareer are so bad that the mode might as well be considered broken.

These glitches are clearly documented on video, but it doesn't seem to have impacted early reviews which are generally positive. Perhaps the encounters with glitches in WWE 2K games are some common that they're now expected at this point.

However, this isn't the first 2K Sports game facing bugs and glitches. Earlier this year, players of NBA 2K18 began reporting save corrupting bugs, particularly in the MyCareer mode. It's unclear if these issues are related since WWE 2K is developed by Japanese developers Yuke's (although with co-developed credits going to NBA 2K's Visual Concepts).

We'll report on any updates to this situation when WWE 2K18 comes out for everyone else tomorrow, October 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is scheduled for later this year.

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