This Handy Tool Will Help You Earn More Coins in FIFA's FUT 19

Futbin's excellent import tool returns for another season in FIFA 19.

Last year the FIFA Ultimate Team site Futbin rolled out a magnificent tool that allowed you to import your team directly into your browser. Well, the tool is back for FIFA 19, and it's once again indispensable if you're trying to build up a strong team in FUT.

As before Futbin's "Import My FUT 19 Club" lets you import all of your players and their relative value on the market. It helpfully highlights potential opportunities for profit in the auction house, and it will even scan your collection to see if you can complete a Squad Building Challenge or "SBC."

It's much easier to visualize the often overwhelming amount of info provided by FUT using Futbin's tool.

Futbin's tool makes it much easier to track your collection, gauge the relative value of your players, and sell them at a profit. It's also an enormous time-saver, as it will keep you from having to slowly troll the auction house listings in a vain attempt to set the value of your players. Between just the SBC Club analyzer and "profit gems," importing your club will likely earn you thousands of additional coins.

Using the tool is easy as ever. It function as a Google Chrome extension that hooks into the FUT web app. After installing the extension and following a few simple instructions, you will be able to easily manage your team from your browser.

Futbin has a number of other tools as well, including a complete database of every player in the game, as well as graphs showing whether the auction house market is up or down. These will help give you a better idea of whether to buy or sell at any given moment.

FUT is often derided as a mode that rewards those who spend the most money, and it's certainly deserving of criticism for its low pack odds and heavy monetization. But with resources like Futbin, as well as our own guides here at USG, you should be able to build up a strong squad without having to mortgage your house.

But if you're still feeling down on FUT (I don't blame you), there's still always career mode. If that's the direction you end up heading, you should look our guides to FIFA 19's wonderkids.

FIFA 19 launched last week, earning generally favorable reviews despite once again proving divisive among fans. You can read our own review here.

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