Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Turns Giant Bug Slaughter Into a Chunky Voxel Romp

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Turns Giant Bug Slaughter Into a Chunky Voxel Romp

Beware the very square mandibles of Earth's eternal foes.

Earth Defense Force is a cult series that's all about swarms of humans blowing away giant enemies—usually monstrous insects, robots, aliens, and whatnot. The violence and intensity are part of the fun, which makes the new direction for the series all the more surprising: A voxel spin-off called Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.

World Brothers, announced earlier today, resembles what might happen if Minecraft had a passionate fling with Starship Troopers. (Now I've made myself curious.) A press release distributed by Earth Defense Force publisher D3PUBLISHER INC. sets the stage: The parallel dimension of "Voxel Earth" is falling to pieces—voxels, to be precise—thanks to massive alien attacks that have caused catastrophic rifts. The Earth Defense Force must rise up, kill off the menace, and re-assemble the world.

The trailer for World Brothers is filled with death and slaughter at the hands of unworldly enemies, but gosh, it looks so cute. Fans can expect cube-y battlefields inspired by the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Japan, and more. All the classic Earth Defense Force soldier classes are in-game, and the weapon arsenal picks and chooses from the entire series, including 2019's Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain.

D3PUBLISHER's press release mentions World Brothers's "family-friendly appeal," so I guess veterans who want to get their younger kids/siblings into the series are getting a good "in" with this one. Hey, why not? The family that wastes bugs together says together. Shoot, I need to work on my rhyming.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers comes to PlayStration 4 and Switch in 2021. If you're a fan, read our interview with Earth Defense Force producer Nobuyuki Okajima about the series's past, present, and growing popularity in the west.

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