EA's E3 Presser: Yes, They Announced Mirror's Edge 2

EA's E3 Presser: Yes, They Announced Mirror's Edge 2

EA's E3 conference today was mostly predictable, but there was much rejoicing heard as Mirror's Edge 2 was announced.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's surprisingly good press conference, it was EA's turn. While there were relatively few surprises among the games on display, there was at least one announcement that will make at least some of you very happy indeed.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

First up was an all-new Plants vs. Zombies game - Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, which is... a third-person action game. Yes, really. Boy, they're sure milking this franchise dry this year, and it's not necessarily for the better.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare takes the tower defense gameplay of the original and transplants it into a third-person multiplayer environment, where players cooperate by playing as the different plants to take down incoming waves of zombies. It's not entirely clear exactly who this game is aimed at, but we'll reserve final judgement until it's actually here. It'll release initially on Xbox One, with a 360 version to follow.

Peggle 2

Peggle 2 is a thing. The audience was underwhelmed. That's about it.

Star Wars Battlefront

A brief teaser video confirmed that Battlefield developer DICE is indeed working on a new Star Wars Battlefront game using the Frostbite 3 engine. When we say "brief," though, we mean brief - details on this new title are scant at best right now, but it will be an Xbox One/PS4 title from the look of things.

Need for Speed Rivals

The new Need for Speed looks like a spiritual successor to the excellent Hot Pursuit, and that's no bad thing. The aim with the new game, apparently, is to "blur the lines between single and multiplayer" and as such allows players to drop in to races and take on the role of, say, the cops.

There's also SmartGlass integration, with an additional player able to use the second screen to drop traps and direct a police helicopter to intercept.

Dragon Age 3

Dragon Age 3 - or Dragon Age: Inquisition as it seems to be known now - has been pushed back by a whole year. Originally set to come out in the fall of this year, you'll have to wait until fall 2014 to see what treats Morrigan has in store for us.

Yes, it looks like Dragon Age 3 involves fan favorite Morrigan in a fairly prominent role, along with being an open world game - those are fashionable this year, huh? - and featuring Frostbite 3-powered visuals.

Battlefield 4

We already saw Battlefield 4 at Microsoft's press conference earlier, but EA's conference shed a bit more light on the game's multiplayer modes.

Battlefield 4 skirmishes will support up to 64 players, and there'll be the option to play in a top-down "Commander Mode," where you'll be able to give orders to your teammates.

We also heard the first use of the cringeworthy buzzword "Levolution," which basically means that the levels change as you play - buildings crumble, cover gets shot to pieces and you'd generally better find a better strategy than "camp where no-one can see you."

Mirror's Edge

Yes, EA announced a new Mirror's Edge game, but in keeping with the infuriating trend companies seem to have for not numbering sequels, there's no number appended to the end. As such, we have Mirror's Edge, the sequel to Mirror's Edge.

Except it's not a sequel, apparently - it's a reboot, providing an "all-new origin story" for heroine Faith. Interesting.

The new game is coming "when it's ready" from original developer DICE. It's currently early in development, so don't hold your breath to see too much of it just yet.

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