EA's Star Wars Team Hires Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig

Hennig's unemployment wasn't for very long as she joins Visceral Games to work on Star Wars.

Nearly a month ago, Uncharted series creative director Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog for undisclosed reasons. After working on the series for three games and the recent announcement of Uncharted 4, Hennig and Naughty Dog decided to part ways. I've loved many of the games Hennig has worked on, including the Soul Reaver series of games at Crystal Dynamics, so I was sad to see her leave Nathan Drake.

Today, Visceral Games vice president and general manager Steve Papoutsis announced that Hennig would be joining the studio. Henning will be the creative director for the EA and Visceral's Star Wars project. EA also has Battlefield 4 developer DICE working on a new version of the Star Wars: Battlefront series.

"I couldn't be more excited to welcome Amy Hennig to our team at Visceral Games and EA as Creative Director on our Star Wars project," wrote Papoutsis is a post on EA's The Beat blog. "Over the last few weeks, Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be. There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let's face it, we weren't the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars. Amy's a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game. Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team."

Papoutsis worked with Hennig at Crystal Dynamics years ago, so the new position looks like a good fit for both parties.

"As both a colleague and friend, I've always admired her approach to creative development – focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player," Papoutsis added. "This fits in perfectly with what we're trying to do here at Visceral and Amy's going to help us continue in our pursuit to make the most thrilling, immersive games in the world."

As a lover of Hennig's previous work, Visercal's Dead Space series, and Star Wars, I'm pretty excited to see what comes of the collaboration. Excuse me, while I react to the news.

Yeah, I went there.

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