The Only Tool You'll Use In This Open-World Adventure Game is a Paint Brush

Eastshade is an upcoming painter sim.

Eastshade is the open-world adventure game of your dreams, so long as your dream is to travel the world and paint.

After five years of development, Eastshade is coming to PC on February 13. Rather than setting off on some sword wielding adventure through a vast open world, Eastshade puts players in the shoes of a traveling painter. There's no need to slay dragons, only scenic vistas and natural landscapes await to be immortalized by your paintbrush.

There's a new trailer to celebrate the pending launch. From the looks of it, the game features some quests as well as some stunning environments. As for the painting itself, there doesn't seem to be an overly complicated painting mechanic. Just set up your easel and canvas somewhere nice and the painting just appears.

Eastshade is the first full-length game from Eastshade Studios, founded by environmental artist Danny Weinbaum. After leaving triple-A development, Weinbaum set up his indie studio and released a small prequel game called Leaving Lyndow in 2017. Although set in the same universe, Leaving Lyndow is more of a showcase for the world of Eastshade than a demo.

You can add Eastshade now onto your Steam Wishlist here.

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