Epic Just Revealed Eight New Epic Games Store Exclusives, Including Some Long-Awaited Titles

Epic Just Revealed Eight New Epic Games Store Exclusives, Including Some Long-Awaited Titles

That's counting Ooblets, which was recently the focus of anti-Epic Games Store scorn.

It looks like the steady flow of Epic Games Store announcements won't be stopping any time soon, with Epic announcing eight more titles today. These games include No Straight Roads, Manifold Garden, Superliminal, Wattam, The Alto Collection, Airborne Kingdom and The Eternal Cylinder. Also included in the list is Glumberland's Ooblets, which was recently at the center of ongoing Epic exclusivity backlash after the devs explained their reasoning for partnering with the store.

Some of these projects have been in development for quite a while. Funomena's Wattam, the latest game from Katamari Damacy designer Keita Takahashi, first made an appearance at 2014's PlayStation Experience when it was set to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment; it's now slated to be published by Annapurna Interactive on the PC and PS4. Superliminal, the debut title from developer Pillow Castle Games, was also introduced to the public in 2014 under the name Museum of Simulation Technology; a demo reel of its mind-bending first-person forced perspective trickery went viral and immediately warranted glowing comparisons to Portal. It's a similar story again with William Chyr's gorgeous M.C. Escher-inspired puzzler Manifold Garden, which was first revealed as a PS4 title in 2015.

Some of these games, particularly those with lengthy and presumably costly development cycles, are likely moving to the Epic Games Store because of the platform's more generous revenue share. Epic has also been open to negotiating minimum guarantees on sales in the course of securing exclusives, as was the case with Ooblets. Particularly for smaller development teams working away over the course of several years, it looks like Epic's base revenue split and willingness to sign developer-friendly deals is continuing to attract new titles to the store in spite of regular flare ups of anger from people who feel Epic's strategy is upending a preferable status quo.

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