Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gets Its Space Legs Early Next Year

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gets Its Space Legs Early Next Year

It's time to leave the spaceship behind.

Players have been cruising through space in Elite Dangerous for some time. But in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the next expansion for the spacefaring simulator, they'll be leaving their cockpit behind next year.

Announced today, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will allow players to walk around outside of the cockpit, clad in futuristic space suits and toting space guns. While other games like No Man's Sky have offered the on-the-ground action before, this is new for Elite Dangerous, and it's not just about taking a brisk jog around your ship.

According to a press release, Odyssey will involve a variety of new missions, including diplomacy, stealth, and combat, as well as new objectives and NPC characters. Social hubs will also offer a place to meet other players, coordinate missions, upgrade your suit, and enlist the services of the Engineers.

This seems like something the community has been requesting for a while, as Guides Writer Joel Franey tells me it's often referred to as "space legs." It makes sense that after flying around the universe for years, you'd want to get a whole new perspective on it. It'll be interesting to see how the scale of massive spaceships is kept with the new angle on the action.

Elite Dangerous has been evolved a fair deal over the years since its 2014 launch. Through in-game events, players have discovered strange new alien life, creating some incredible in-game story moments. The community has also banded together to accomplish goals, like rescuing a charity expedition.

It's exciting to think where some boots-on-the-ground action could take Elite Dangerous in the future. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is currently set for an early 2021 window for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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