The Devs Heard You: You Can Now Pet the Dog In Enter the Gungeon

The Devs Heard You: You Can Now Pet the Dog In Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is finally feature complete with its final update.

One of the great Twitter accounts out there is Can You Pet the Dog?. The account tests many games, answering the same question with every tweet: can you pet the dog? The answer in the dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon was a saddening no. But the developers at Dodge Roll Games heard the outcry, and has remedied the oversight in its latest update.

As of Patch 2.1.0 (with an updated patch still rolling out to console versions, as a PlayStation 4 patch went live this afternoon), you can now pet the dogs you come across in Enter the Gungeon. This update came alongside Enter the Gungeon's final expansion, A Farewell to Arms. Since launch in 2016, Dodge Roll has been regularly updating Enter the Gungeon with new, free content. Dog petting, it seems, barely made the cut.

"We have been working on Enter the Gungeon for five years now," wrote the developers on Reddit for the patch notes announcing the dog petting addition. "We are extremely excited to finally consider Gungeon complete, and to move on to new projects, with the release of this final update on the three year anniversary of Gungeon's launch."

With dog petting and one final bow of content, Enter the Gungeon is at last feature complete. Unfortunately, one oversight did slip through the cracks, as players on the game's subreddit have pointed out that while you can now pet the dog, you cannot pet the wolf. In a response to a sad fan, Dodge Roll wrote, "Well, no one made a CanYouPetTheWolf twitter…" Touché.

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