Epic Games Store Sale Starts Today With Huge Cuts and a $10 Epic Subsidy

Epic is providing an extra discount at no cost to the developers.

A new sale launches today on the Epic Games Store for PC owners, with deep cuts into many new and unreleased games. But the twist on Epic's sale is an additional saving: a flat $10 price reduction on any game over a certain point, without any cost to the developers.

The Epic Mega Sale, lasting from today until June 13, only applies to qualifying game purchases on the store, so no Fortnite V-bucks or season passes. However, Epic is subsidizing part of the sale, fronting an extra $10 (or regional equivalent) once a game passes a certain price point.

Hades is an absolute bargain if you're not in the UK. | Supergiant Games

For example, Supergiant Games' early access roguelike Hades is on sale for $16.99, down from $19.99. But an additional $10 from Epic makes that $6.99, provided "at not cost to the publisher or developer." For US shoppers, the magic price point is anything over $14.99; for the international regional equivalent, you can check out the FAQ on the Epic Games Store sale page.

Of course, this regional difference means some sales are massive only for some areas. Our UK friends here said they didn't see the same discount on Hades, as it only dipped to £13.16 down from £15.49, which is just below the £13.99 line for the additional discount.

This sale also applies to unreleased games, so major releases like Borderlands 3 and Control are discounted as well. John Wick Hex, the strategy game about the gun-fu super assassin, can be pre-purchased for $7.99 down from $19.99. Also, if you've purchased a game within a certain window before the sale (either pre-purchase or full), Epic will issue refunds to meet the current sale price.

Whether you love or hate the Epic Store, it's a strong sale that's offering a pretty good bonus, especially since the bulk of some of these savings aren't coming out of the developers' pockets.

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