Epic Weakens Thanos in Fortnite, but Some Players Want the Avengers Villain to be More Powerful

Epic Weakens Thanos in Fortnite, but Some Players Want the Avengers Villain to be More Powerful

What should it cost to take on Thanos in Fortnite? Everything, according to some players.

Thanos is having a good time raising merry hell in Fortnite, but Epic's already nerfed the Mad Titan. The cuts have some players irritated; they want to see Thanos become more powerful, possibly to the point that player team-ups become mandatory to take Thanos down.

When Thanos wields the fully blinged-out Infinity Gauntlet in the Marvel Universe, he becomes a destructive force that rivals Death herself. But when Thanos wields the Infinity Gauntlet in Fortnite, he's … kind of scary? The cuts Epic made to his power won't do much to bolster his image as a destroyer of worlds, as they just make him easier to take down. According to Epic's notes, the new and less-improved Thanos:

  • Had his Shield cap decreased from 300 to 200.
  • Had his max Health increased from 700 to 800.
  • Had his laser damage vs players decreased from 15 to 12.

The Fortnite subreddit responded to the news about the change with jokes about how Thanos was nerfed from the very beginning (he can't just end the game by snapping his fingers). But there are also some serious criticisms about how Thanos doesn't feel like a "Boss" character in Fortnite, and he'll feel like even less of a threat now that his stats have been cut back.

"As a 'Boss character' it should be really difficult to kill [Thanos], and he should be very dangerous. Yet while playing the game it doesn't feel that way up until the final few players are left," redditor "ShootinPutin555" writes. "It's almost stupid to grab the Infinity Gauntlet at the beginning or near the beginning of the game—you are likely to have 2-7 people targeting you all at once. With the decreased shield cap, one charge of the mega-jump could mean you're dead, or just about so. Was hoping he would actually get buffed."

"I wish he was full-blown OP. I was hoping it would be like everyone in the area would have to team up and kill Thanos together or else they would get steamrolled," agrees "jimbotimbotom." "The whole Avengers deal is that just about everyone in the Marvel universe has to band together to defeat him because he is so strong, kind of a let down that he's as weak as he is in the game."

Mike took Mr Thanos for a test-run the other night and discovered he's a bit of a purple pussycat—and that was before the nerf was applied. Epic promises it's monitoring player feedback, so there's still a chance we'll see Fortnite players get a chance to take Thanos down, Avengers-style (if the Avengers added a few dozen more members to its ranks).

For now, study everything there is to know about this iconic crossover event with our Fortnite Avengers Infinity War Crossover Event guide. If vanilla Battle Royale is more your style, we have an endless supply of Fortnite guides, hints, and tips to help you along.

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