Eugen Systems Shows How to Do DLC

The team behind the Wargame series prepares to launch some of the most substantial free DLC you'll ever encounter.

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We live in an age of DLC. It's unavoidable, regardless of your own personal feelings on the matter.

We live in an age where publishers charge the cost of the game again on day one, just so you can pick up a "Season Pass" for upcoming add-on content; an age where some downloadable content is exclusively tied to who you order the game from; an age where games sometimes ship without a satisfying conclusion so it can be sold to you later.

We also live in an age where games can evolve, change and expand over time; an age where old games can be revitalized with new content; an age where you can continue to get enjoyment out of a favorite game long after you've beaten the content on the disc. So it's not all bad.

DLC is a thorny issue for some, though, and it's often to do with the fact that it usually involves publishers charging extra money for things that some believe should have been in the game in the first place. Whether or not that is true is a matter of opinion, but when we get games where you have to pay money to access cheat modes that would have once been unlocked through silly controller button combinations or secret codes -- I'm looking at you, Saints Row: The Third -- it's hard to deny that there's at least a certain element of nickel-and-diming going on.

John waited and watched. "They'll never see me in here," he chuckled to himself.

Not every developer and publisher is on board with the idea of continuing to profit from a copy of a game they've already sold, though. CD Projekt Red provided a huge amount of free add-on content for The Witcher 2 for months after its release, for example, and now Eugen Systems, the team behind the excellent Wargame series of real-time strategy games, is following suit.

Wargame: Airland Battle, as the latest installment is called, came out back in May, and since that time Eugen Systems has been listening to its community of players and determining what it should incorporate into the game's first DLC pack. Said content is known, appropriately enough, as the "Vox Populi" pack and will be available for free from August 1.

The pack includes 24 new units -- 12 for NATO's forces, 12 for the Warsaw Pact -- and five new multiplayer maps. That's not all, though -- there's also a new cooperative mode for the previously solo campaigns, and a new "Conquest" mode for play in multiplayer.

Conquest last put in an appearance in the previous Wargame title European Escalation, and is a mode where players must control Victory Sectors on the map until the victory conditions of the match are satisfied. There's no scoring system related to destroying enemy units; instead, the only route to victory is through controlling territory. If the Airland Battle implementation of Conquest mode is anything like its predecessor, you'll be able to play either against AI bots or live opponents.

Find out more about Wargame: Airland Battle on the official site.

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