Rare's Everwild Gets a New Trailer and Confirmation For Xbox Series X, PC

Rare's Everwild Gets a New Trailer and Confirmation For Xbox Series X, PC

Meet the Eternals.

Eternals, a project from Rare announced at last year's Game Awards, just got a brand new trailer at today's Xbox Games Showcase. While we still haven't seen any gameplay, today's new look at Everwild gives us a much better look at its wild, beautiful world and at the gifted humans who inhabit it: magic users known as Eternals.

The new trailer shows off a lot of the strange (and sometimes massive) animals that inhabit the world of Everwild and gives us a look at how they interact with the Eternals. Each Eternal has a unique look, but it seems like the four of them in the trailer are banded together as a group, traveling around the world of Everwild and using their magic to help the creatures they find.

Previously, Everwild wasn't fully confirmed for any particular platforms, but today's new trailer ends with a card specifying that it'll come to Xbox Series X and PC. At this time, it's not clear whether Everwild will also come to Xbox One.

Rare Executive Producer Louise O'Connor, who's leading development on Everwild, appeared briefly on the stream after the trailer's premiere to thank folks for the positive response to the title's reveal at The Game Awards last year.

We've still got no word on when to expect Everwild or even what genre it's in. Recently, Rare revealed that it's "still playing around with gameplay ideas" for it. Like all of Microsoft's first-party titles, it will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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