Every Announcement From Today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Every Announcement From Today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

One bad dad and two terrible geese.

Nintendo hosted another round of indie developers today, showing off the games coming to Nintendo Switch in the future, and even a few arriving today. The lineup was pretty solid, with a number of surprises and ports that can fill out the end of the summer.

From big announcements, like an upcoming port for Hades, to a number of games lined up going into the next year. Also, geese. A pair of geese that love to cause havoc.

Most notably, a number of Apple Arcade's flagship games are making their way to the handheld. As Epic and Apple continue to beef over the iOS and Mac platform, some of Apple Arcade's biggest hits are finding their way onto another platform. Grindstone will definitely eat up some battery life.

Here's a full rundown of everything announced today.


Supergiant's run-based action game will hit Nintendo Switch when it goes into 1.0 later this year. I was actually ready and willing to dump even more hours to build my portable Zag back up, but it turns out that won't be necessary; the Switch version will support cross-save with the PC. Hell yeah.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Explore the weirdest corners of an alternative world wide web, searching for internet crime. Hypnospace is coming to Nintendo Switch on Aug. 27, but a demo is out today, alongside a deal for pre-purchase. According to the developer, it's not only making its way to PS4 and Xbox One as well, but it will have some additional features and even new controls for Switch.


Sail off for adventure, mining, and bringing spirits to their final moments. Spiritfarer has been a joy to follow in development, and surprise: it's out today! I got the chance to play through the cozy management sim about dying, and came away pretty positive on the experience. Few games this year have made ferrying animals into the afterlife so cozy.

Garden Story

The chipper, cheerful Garden Story popped up once again with some new gameplay footage. It looks as adorable as ever, and developer Picogram showed off a bunch of mechanics like fishing and hanging out with townsfolk. I'm looking forward to this one when it launches in 2021.


Hope you're not scared of the depths of the ocean. (I am, so this game looks terrifying to me.) Subnautica, along with the follow-up Subnautica: Below Zero, are headed to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.


Set in ancient India and inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology, Raji looks like an epic action game with a really striking art style. You won't have to wait to see what it's like, either. Raji is available today on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Bear and Breakfast

Turn an abandoned home into a functioning bed-and-breakfast, run by your character, Hank the bear. As you build and grow, you'll also get to explore more of the surrounding environment and get into all kinds of grizzly adventures. The wait until 2021 for this one will feel unbearable.

Card Shark

Like to cheat at cards? Well, Card Shark challenges you to not just cheat, but nail the most important part of cheating: not getting caught. Try to keep your cards straight and your poker face stone-cold in 2021.

Torchlight 3

The third Torchlight game, now an official Torchlight entry rather than a spinoff, is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. Steampunk looting on the go seems like a promising way to lose a lot of hours.

Manifold Garden

This mind-bending game about perspective and geometry is finally making its way to Nintendo's handheld, as well as other consoles. Better yet, it arrives later today.


A cute platformer that's out today, Evergate looks it takes some influence from other modern platforming games like Ori and Celeste. It also looks to have a story element as well, and the puzzles of each screen look really solid. You can try it for yourself, as Evergate is out today.

Montage Time!

Of course, what's a games showcase without a sizzle reel? Today's Indie World Showcase games montage included Haven (2020); Going Under (Sept. 24); The Red Lantern (Autumn 2020); Unrailed! (Sept. 23), with a demo today; Struggling (Aug. 27); Inmost (Aug. 21); She Dreams Elsewhere (Early 2021); Grindstone (Autumn 2020); and Gonner 2 (Autumn 2020).

Oh, One More Thing (A Goose)

The show closed today with the news that yes, two geese are indeed worse for the sanctity of a town than one. Untitled Goose Game is getting co-op, where two players can cause havoc and terrorize small children, on all platforms on Sept. 23.

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