Every Game and Trailer Shown off During the August Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Every Game and Trailer Shown off During the August Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Did you miss this morning's Indie World showcase? Let us help you.

Nintendo's August 19 Indie World showcase (no more "Nindies?") was mostly low-key, but we still got a couple of big surprises. Most of the games shown will be available later this year, but a few won't show their faces until 2020. A couple of sneaky games are even coming out today.

Here's a summary of what we saw during the 20-minute presentation.

Risk of Rain 2 (Summer 2019) - Multiplayer run-based roguelike Risk of Rain 2 is coming to Switch this summer. Since there's not a whole lot of summer left (sob), you can probably expect it sooner than later.

Eastward (2020) - This mysterious and beautiful RPG published by Chucklefish is still mysterious and beautiful. Eastward is post-apocalyptic game about a man named John who finds a girl named Sam in some underground ruins. Like you do. Look for it in 2020.

Freedom Finger (Fall 2019) - An all-star cast voices this weird, scribbly-looking 2D shooter. You play as a big hand that can grab and use your enemies against you. Kind of like Mega Man, if Mega Man was just a giant hand. Coming this fall.

Roki (Winter 2019) - Trudge through a snow-covered wilderness populated by monstrous creatures who thrive in harsh, freezing environments. Unlike you, you hairless fleshbag. Coming this winter, appropriately.

Torchlight 2 (September 3 2019) - Runic Games' hit action RPG dungeon crawler is coming to Switch. Loot, loot, loot. Coming September 3.

Skater XL (2020) - The universe is lacking 3D skating games in grand Tony Hawk tradition, so here comes Skater XL to fill in the void. Skate or die, dude. You either skate…you know the rest. Coming in 2020.

Youropa (Winter 2019) - A puzzle adventure game that charges you with rebuilding a world after an apocalyptic accident. Laugh in the face of gravity as you walk off the edge of a platform, only to flip under it. Give yourself some color with spraypaint. This charming-looking title is due out this winter.

Superhot (Out now) - Critically-acclaimed FPS Superhot is on the Switch right now. As expected of an FPS, you take out enemies and other targets. The catch is, time only moves when you do. Superhot is a unique experience with a simple but striking art style that makes sparse use of red against a white-and-grey backdrop.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened (February 2020) - The long-awaited follow-up to Trendy Entertainment's multiplayer dungeon defense game is coming first to the Switch as a timed console exclusive. Look for it in February of next year.

The Touryst (November 19) - A dark adventure puzzle game that seems to be all about the vacation from hell. It boasts a charming voxel style that's easy to fall in love with. Did you know you voxel people can wear Hawaiian shirts? Now you do. Coming November 19.

Skellboy (December 3 2019) - A very cute-looking adventure that mixes 2D sprite art with 3D backgrounds. You customize your little skeleton warrior dude by swapping out body parts. Adorable. Coming December 3.

Earth Night (2019) - Dragons have ended the world, as is proper. Earth Night is about bringing an end to the "Dragon Apocalypse" by running on the beasts' backs, Goku-style. It's a fast-paced 2D action game that should make all your dreams about riding on Falkor from The Neverending Story come true. Look for it later this year.

Hotline Miami Collection (Out now) - If you're in the mood to get violent with the aid of a catchy soundtrack, you're in luck. Both Hotline Miami games are available on the Switch as a single download. Right this second, even.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (September 27 2019) - Our "Oh wow" moment of this presentation comes courtesy of Microsoft. The celebrated adventure title Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 27. Does this mean we'll see 2020's follow-up, Will of the Wisps, on the Switch as well? I wouldn't count it out.

The end of the presentation gave us some fly-bys coupled with release dates:

  • Blasphemous (September 10)
  • Close to the Sun (2019)
  • Cat Quest 2 (Fall)
  • Spiritfarer (Spring 2020)
  • Trine 4 (October 8)
  • Creature in the Well (September 6)
  • One Finger Death Punch (December 2)
  • Best Friend Forever (February 14 2020)
  • Phogs (Early 2020)
  • What the Golf (Winter)
  • Kine (2019)
  • Hypercharge: Unboxed (Winter)
  • Northgard (September 26)
  • Sparklite (Fall)
  • Munchkin: Quacked Quest (Fall)

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