Everyone's Favorite Sonic Adventure 2 Rapper Released a New Song In Honor of Sonic Mania

Everyone's Favorite Sonic Adventure 2 Rapper Released a New Song In Honor of Sonic Mania

The great emerald's power allows me to feel.

"A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" is iconic, whether you like it or not. It was a rap echoing through the Knuckles and Rouge-focused level of Sonic Adventure 2, Pumpkin Hill. Just seeing an image of the towering Pumpkin mountains might make you hear Hunnid Pacent spit, "They call me the fighting freak Knuckles" on cue.

With the release of Sonic Mania, and Sonic reclaiming his 2D platforming throne in a way, Hunnid P has unleashed a new song upon the world in the lovable Knuckle's honor, as spotted by Polygon. The song, "K T E Cypher," which features fellow rapper Doryan Nelson, drops more than a few references to the red echidna.

The track, while not reaching the pinnacle of Pumpkin Hill's perfect tune to glide to, is a nice homage to the Knuckles we once knew and loved in Sonic Adventure 2 specifically. Hunnid P hasn't contributed any more licensed raps towards the Sonic name since Sonic Adventure 2 proper, but has remained a figure in the community due to his now-legendary rhyme. After all the Sonic Mania hype is very, very real, so why not put that excitement to good use and craft a new fan-song?

If you're interested in the track yourself, you can listen below. Or alternatively, revisit everyone's favorite Pumpkin Hill jam again. You ready?

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