Everything Shown in Today's Nintendo Indie Showcase

Everything Shown in Today's Nintendo Indie Showcase

Including a few games that are out today.

It may be Animal Crossing's big week, but today Nintendo also lined up a slew of indie games to fill out this coming summer. From tiny projects to passion projects from larger studios, there are a lot of games to fill up your Switch in the coming months.

Indie creators have found the Switch to be a natural platform for games. And with this summer looking like one that will be spent indoors, more games on the Switch will be a welcome respite.

Here are all the big announcements:

Exit the Gungeon exits Apple exclusivity

The vertical shoot 'em up sequel to Enter the Gungeon is coming to Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, later today. While it launched as part of Apple Arcade last year, the bullet hell blaster is coming to new platforms.

I'll probably pick it up myself later and see if it grabs me like Enter the Gungeon did. The vertical-scrolling is pretty different from the top-down action seen while entering the Gungeon, but I'm into the changed perspective. Now, if I can just find a way to make it work with that vertical Switch grip.

The Good Life is coming to Switch

Swery's next game, a charming murder mystery that looks suitably quirky, will come to Nintendo Switch later this year. You play as a journalist from New York investigating a strange town, but can also turn into animals and take pictures. Hopefully you can pet the dogs, too.

I Am Dead is a charming game about being dead

I Am Dead is a new mystery-puzzle game, developed by Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg, the creators behind Hohokum and Wilmot's Warehouse. It seems like a charming, cozy version of Ghost Trick—Capcom's supernatural murder mystery for Nintendo DS that is gone but not forgotten (at least by us). Also, there's a (ghost) dog too, so we're already up to two dogs in this recap. I Am Dead comes to Switch and Steam later this year.

Baldo blew us away

If there was one unanimous standout in the USgamer Slack during the Indie World stream today, it was Baldo. An action-RPG with a Miyazaki-inspired aesthetic, we were instantly charmed by this one from Naps Team.

As the protagonist Baldo, you'll be able to solve puzzles, slash through dungeons, and meet lots of charming characters throughout the world of Rodia. It's like your own little getaway into an anime world of adventure and treasure. Baldo will launch as a timed console exclusive for Switch this summer.

Hello Games' smaller project, The Last Campfire

After literally creating a universe, Hello Games is doing something a bit smaller this time around. The Last Campfire is a narrative-driven game with moody lighting, lots of ruins, and probably some very moving traged. Considering how much the studio has put into making No Man's Sky a weird and radical game, it can have this passion project, as a treat. It'll come to Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, Xbox One, and PS4, this summer.

Escape to a new farm in Summer in Mara

A new farming adventure game, Summer in Mara lets you build a farm on an island and live out a super rad summer vacation. Considering how well games like Stardew Valley and Rune Factory vibe with the Switch, not to mention Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I will never turn down another cozy farm adventure. Summer in Mara will come to PC and Switch this spring.

Ports Aplenty

There are a lot of ports making their way to the Nintendo Switch this year. Bloober Team's Blair Witch, thatgamecompany's Sky: Children of the Light, the rolling roguelike Dicey Dungeons, mind-bending Superliminal, and Ghost of a Tale, which seems at least Redwall-adjacent, were all revealed as coming to Switch in the showcase today.

Everything Else

Nintendo really managed to cram a lot of indie games into the short direct. Aside from those mentioned above, here are the rest of the games that got a spotlight from Nintendo today, along with expected release windows:

  • Blue Fire: Summer 2020
  • B.ARK: Late 2020
  • Cyanide & Happiness—Freakpocalypse: Part 1: Spring 2020
  • Quantum League: Late 2020
  • PixelJunk Eden 2: Summer 2020
  • Eldest Souls: Summer 2020
  • Faeria: Spring 2020
  • Sky Racket: Today!
  • Moving Out: April 28 (demo available today)
  • Bounty Battle: Summer 2020
  • Wingspan: 2020

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