Minecraft Earth Beta Release Date, and How to Get the Free Minecraft Earth Skin

Minecraft Earth Beta Release Date, and How to Get the Free Minecraft Earth Skin

Minecraft Earth beta release date, price, platforms and more are revealed. We've got all the info.

Minecraft Earth is coming and it's going to have a beta this summer. You might not have thought you wanted or needed an augmented reality Minecraft game, but you're going to be getting one pretty soon. Minecraft Earth has been revealed by Mojang and Microsoft, and it looks like it brings some elements of Pokemon Go along with the world building the Minecraft series is known for. We've got all the info released so far, including the Minecraft Earth release date, the Minecraft Earth Beta details, how to get the free Minecraft Earth skin, and how much it will cost.

Minecraft Earth Beta Release Date

The Minecraft Earth beta release date isn't set in stone, but the closed beta for Minecraft Earth is scheduled to take place this summer. The number of Minecraft Earth beta participants will be limited, but that number will be in the hundreds of thousands - which is pretty big. Players must be 18 years or older to participate in the beta. You can sign up for the Minecraft Earth beta here. There is currently no firm release date for the Minecraft Earth beta, but we'll update this page once Microsoft releases more information.

What is the Minecraft Earth Release Date?

While Minecraft Earth doesn't have a final release date, we do know that the game will be entering a closed beta phase this summer. We'll bring you more information on the final Minecraft Earth release date as it is revealed.

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth is a brand new game in the Minecraft world, bringing what you know and love from the world building series to the real world. It's an augmented reality mobile game that is free to play, in which you can build with friends and battle Minecraft mobs. It has been confirmed that Minecraft Earth won't have any loot boxes, which is good if you dislike them in your video games. Exactly what microtransactions there will be are yet to be revealed.

  • Collect! Just like in Pokemon Go, you'll be able to collect mobs, discover new variants, and use them in your builds.
  • Explore! Look around where you live or work to find resources and take on challenges.
  • Collaborate! Build with friends to make the best creations possible.
  • Survive! Fight mobs like you do in the PC and console game, but this time in the real world.
The Minecraft Earth builder action. | Mojang

What Platforms Will the Minecraft Earth Beta be on?

The Minecraft Earth beta will be available on iOS and Android devices when it releases this summer. No exact list of supported devices has been revealed at this time. On the Minecraft Earth beta sign-up page you're asked to confirm that you have an iOS 10 or later device or an Android 7.0 or later device, but this is all the technical requirements Microsoft has released.

How to get the Free Minecraft Earth Skin

To get the free Minecraft Earth skin you simply have to sign up for the Minecraft Earth beta. Once you've signed up for the beta you'll receive instructions on how to claim your free Minecraft Earth skin within 24 hours.

What Regions Will Minecraft Earth be Released?

Minecraft Earth will be rolled out gradually, but the plan is for it to be available all over the world. The game will support the same languages as Minecraft.

That's all the info we have for Minecraft Earth at the moment, but we'll update with more info as the summer beta approaches. For now, check out our look at the best Minecraft mods.

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